Monday, November 5, 2018

Jumpy Petz - Jump as Fast as You Can to Reach the Next Tile of Your Colored Pet

In recent years, the tap games and the jump games become one of the most played games among smartphone users around the world. These games allow you to play on the go and test your fast reflexes as you try to reach the highest scores. Because of the popularity of these games, finding the most interesting one to play is quite difficult. Luckily for you, we looked and we have a great combination of tap and jump game for you to try. Let’s see what the game is all about.

What is Jumpy Petz all about?

Jumpy Petz is developed for Android users as one easy to play, very addictive and fun tap jump game which is testing the player’s reflexes while offering him a fast tap gameplay to challenge him. This endless jumper game is offering cute colorful graphics with fun sounds to enjoy and keep the player interested in playing. Each player needs to tap and jump as fast as he can and try to reach the next tile of his colored pet with his limited time. The fastest players will earn the highest scores.

Gameplay & Features

This tap jump game will get players hooked to jumping and playing on their first try with the amazing features and lighting fast tap gameplay offered to keep the player’s attention and test his skills. The player on the game is required to think fast and jump fast in order to reach the next tile of his colored pet and when he reaches the tile the color of his pet will change, challenging him to be even faster to reach the next tile before the time runs out and the game ends. The reflexes of the player will be challenges while at the same time the player is enjoying the colorful clouds and rainbows. The rainbow tiles no matter of their color can be jumped over and the player that is able to do that will earn 3x amounts of coins.

The player with his earned coins is able to unlock more of these adorable petz from the game’s store. Every pet available in the store has its own color changing and unique appearance. For the player to get high scores he needs to think fast, jump fast and collect as many of the coins as he can. Also, players can challenge friends to compete and try to reach the highest scores to become the best jumper of this fun endless jumper game.

Download it for free on Google Play now to reach the next tile of your colored pet before you run out of time!

Google Play Download Link: Jumpy Petz