Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Chunq - Tap to Make the Chunq Jump through Obstacles that Match with His Color

Tap games or tapping games are based on a very basic usability interface: simply touch or click parts of the screen once to play. This makes these games very easily portable onto mobile devices. This type of games can be quite addictive and yet very challenging, testing your skills and fast reactions. If you are looking for this type of game to challenge you, we looked and we have an amazing tap game where you need to pass obstacles to win your high scores.

What is Chunq all about?

Chunq is developed for Android users as one simple, addictive and yet highly challenging tap color match game that will test the skills of the player by asking from him to tap and jump as fast as he can with the Chunq to pass the colorful challenging obstacles and win the highest scores by staying in the game as long as he can. The exciting sounds and the sharp graphics will let the player enjoy each time he plays, challenging him to tap fast and jump with the Chunq to pass as many obstacles as he can.

Chunq’s Standout Features

This tap color match game is offering you amazing features that will challenge you and at the same time get you addicted to playing fast. All the player needs to do on the game is to tap to make the Chunq jump through the challenging obstacles and survive in the game as long as possible. Because the game is quite challenging, the player’s tapper skills will be tested and he will need to jump and pass with the Chunq the obstacles while avoiding passing the obstacles that do not match with the Chunq’s color.

The color of the Chunq is constantly changing, faster and faster as the player progresses and he needs to react fast to match the color of the Chunq with the suitable obstacle color. For each successfully passed obstacle, the player will get scores and at the same time, he needs to try and collect as many of the diamonds on his way to get the highest scores in the game. By surviving as long as possible in the game, progressing as up as they can, players will win the highest scores and get the chance to become the ultimate tapper.

Download it on Google Play for free to make Chunq jump through the obstacles that match his color!

Google Play Download Link: Chunq