Thursday, November 29, 2018

Birds Vs Brick is a New Hyper-casual Game That will Entertain You to the Fullest

There are times when big and complicated games can get to be too much. You need to figure out what all the buttons do, and try and find plenty of time to set aside to play them. That's why hyper-casual games come in for a quick thrill on mobile. Within seconds you can be playing a game, and within minutes you'll be racking up highscores.

But what are the best new hyper-casual games for mobile? There are so many of them out there, clogging up every pore of Google Play. Today we will speak about one recently launched that caught our attention with the cool gameplay and super enjoyable challenges. We are talking about Birds Vs. Bricks.

The new addictive flappy like twist
You are playing the role of the flappy bird who is challenged by the bricks. The bricks can be broken if you have the required number of balls which you collect along the way. Each brick has number and if you don’t have a number bigger than the brick you touch, you’ll lose the game.

Birds vs Brick is very easy for playing. It requires precise taps to make the bird jump and break all the bricks on the way. Cool classic graphics and entertaining sound effects are also included to enjoy as you try to tap and jump to win the highest scores.

The game has levels and in order to pass a level you need to complete a certain score. For the first level is 100, which we have hard time getting. This means the game is both challenging and fun, and you’ll love the fast paced and dynamic spirit of it.

Birds Vs Brick is available for free on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Bird Vs. Brick

Website: TDIndie