Friday, November 16, 2018

Arcade Game of the Month - Balloon Escape

There are millions of games available on the Android platform, which makes it pretty difficult to find one you'll like. We tend to share with you great game recommendations, thus this time, as our Arcade Game of the Month, we're presenting Balloon Escape. This is a crazy addictive arcade that shines with beautiful design and a very fun gameplay. Check out what the game's all about in the following review!

What is Balloon Escape?

Developed for Android users this endless balloon arcade will test the skills of the player, challenging him to react fast in order to keep his balloon safe from the obstacles, escaping as fast as possible Balloon Escape will get players addicted to the gameplay fast while they enjoy amazing sharp graphics and exciting sounds. Just with using the simple on-screen control for moving and clearing obstacles, players get a chance to win the highest scores by escaping fast with the balloon.

Balloon Escape Features

Balloon Escape and its features will hook players to the game fast while testing their arcade skills each time, pushing them to react fast in order to win the highest scores. Players need to use the simple on-screen control to move and clear the challenging obstacles on their way while protecting their balloon, keeping it safe and being careful the obstacles not to crush the balloon. Each player needs to react fast and keep the balloon safe, getting it as far in the game as he can. The player on his way up has to collect as many of the coins on the way if he wants to increase his scores even more.

Players that escape the fastest and keep the balloon safe from the obstacles as long as they can, and collect the biggest amount of coins will win the highest scores in the game. The best results of the player can be shared on social media with his friends for him to challenge them and see which one of them will win the highest scores and become the ultimate arcade player of the arcade.  

Download Balloon Escape now for free on Google Play to clear all the obstacles to escape fast with the balloon!

Google Play Download Link: Balloon Escape