Thursday, October 4, 2018

Puzzle Game of the Week - Xcube Master

For all puzzle lovers, here comes a revolutionary game called Xcube Master. This is a brand-new game that you can enjoy on your Android or iOS device anywhere and anytime. Developed by Capella Entertainment, this amazing game is here to provide users endless fun. That’s why we decided to pronounce it a Puzzle Game of the Week. If you want to find out everything about it, keep reading and enjoy.

What is Xcube Master?

For players that want an addictive, fun and brain-teasing puzzle games, Xcube Master is a wonderful choice. This cross-platform 3D cube puzzler is here to provide you a gaming experienced like you’ve never seen before. With an original gameplay concept and amazing graphics, Xcube Master is going to hook you up in no time!

Gameplay & Features

Xcube Master is a brand-new take on the simple and classic cube puzzle games. It features a fully rotatable 360 cube that you play with. The main objective of the gameplay is to create and clear lines of shapes. All you have to do is rotate the cube and place the different shaped puzzle blocks at the appropriate places to create a line and destroy it. Clear as many lines as possible to win the highest scores and to compete in leagues. Challenge yourself with the Multiplayer option to compete against other players from the whole world and test your puzzle skills to the fullest. Collect points and diamonds, use different power-ups and boosters when you need help, unlock new features and choose from various themes to customize your game the way you want to.

With revolutionary 3D puzzle game mechanics combined with fun and brain-challenging gameplay, Xcube Master is free for download on both the App Store and Google Play. Get it today and enjoy!

App Store Download Link: Xcube Master

Google Play Download Link: Xcube Master

Official Website: Xcube Master