Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Color Jump - Bounce the Ball & Match Its Color with the Colored Springs

Ball bouncing games continue to fascinate gamers. Are you ready for a new gaming obsession? With moving platforms, multiple levels, and requiring a variety of skills and lightning-fast reflexes, ball jump games make the perfect rainy day time-filler. To make the search easier for you, we looked and we have one incredibly fun and addictive bouncer ball game with the most exciting color-match gameplay to challenge your skills each time you play the game. Let’s see what the game is about.

What is Color Jump all about?

Color Jump is easy to play color match bouncer ball game and fun for all ages, very addictive and exciting, offering players a chance to test their skills while they enjoy the stunning graphics and catchy sound effects on the never-ending color match gameplay. Developed for Android users, this game requires players to bounce the colorful ball and match the ball’s colors with the suitable colors on the springs placed on the platform below to get scores. Players need to stay in the game for as long as they can and match correctly the colors to win their scores.

Standout Features

This bouncing ball game with its various features is testing the skills of the player while he is getting addicted to playing very fast. The player’s skills are challenged with color match gameplay and each player needs to react quickly and be agile, bouncing the ball and matching its colors with the correct colors of the colored springs placed on the platform below. If the ball lands on the wrong colored spring then the game will end for the player. When the player is bouncing the ball and matching the colors he needs to be careful and collect as many stars on the way as he can if he wants to unlock more challenging levels and become the best player.

All the player needs to do is to move the platform on the screen left and right to match correctly the bouncing ball’s colors. To get high scores the player needs to stay in the game as long as he can. To control the tricky platform, the player needs to react fast on the ball’s colors that are changing often so he doesn’t lose the game. The players with the highest scores have a chance to get on top of the online global leaderboard. 

Download it for free on Google Play to bounce the ball and match its colors with the suitable colored springs!

Google Play Download Link: Color Jump