Monday, October 8, 2018

Arcade Game of the Week - MooMoo Arcade

Arcade games bring us back to the good old days when we had fun on arcade machines when we didn’t even know of smartphones and tablets. We at Hightechholic, love arcade games, so today we’re sharing with you our Arcade Game of the Week. It is called MooMoo Arcade, now available on the Android platform, offering tons of mini-games to have fun.

What is so special about the arcade?

Developed for Android users as one simple and yet highly entertaining and fun virtual arcade, this game offers multiple mini classic arcade games in one place available on the player’s phone. On this virtual arcade machine, the players can choose among different arcade games and for their achievements in any of the games they choose to play to win real prizes or to collect tickets to win the prizes. The prizes that the player wins will be quickly shipped to his address. The players will have a lot of fun playing and winning many real prizes while they enjoy the fun arcade games.

What are the best features of MooMoo Arcade?

The MooMoo Arcade is specially created to offer arcade players different arcade games in one place and they can choose to play MooMoo Claw, MooMoo Claw 2D, MooMoo Keymaster and MooMoo Stacker.  The mini classic arcade games offered have a different type of gameplay and bring different achievements for the player. All the games have HD graphics and offer cool sound effects for the player to enjoy. Every arcade game offered on the virtual arcade machine is giving the player a chance to win real prizes by playing any of the games available or by collecting tickets. The prizes are from the different type and many minor and major prizes the player can win depending on his achievements in the game or by his tickets.  Quick shipment is available for the players that have won some of the prizes while they enjoy each time they play any of the games available.

Download the game for free now on Google Play to play different arcade games and win real prizes!

Official Website: MooMoo Arcade

Google Play Download Link: MooMoo Arcade