Thursday, September 20, 2018

Entertainment App of the Week - Murder Minute

We get fascinated by things that make no sense. We think that these things only happen in movies and that nothing bad ever happens in real life, but of course, bad things happen all the time. These tragic and terrible stories have been documented by one developer team (Banter App Inc) so you can read all about them anywhere and anytime. We’re talking about an app, of course. It’s called Murder Minute, and it’s our Entertainment App of the Week.

What is Murder Minute?

We’re more than excited to present to you the app Murder Minute. If you want to feel the thrill of reading true crime stories, then this app is a great choice. Developed for both Android and iOS users, Murder Minute provides daily murder stories and offers a lot of entertainment. We also liked its overall design and interface.

Standout Features

We can all agree with the fact that we're all pretty obsessed with the darkest parts of human nature, exploring the minds of psychopaths and murderers, etc. There’s something tempting and captivating about reading true crime stories. As they say - truth is stranger than fiction - and in the case of true crime stories, that is certainly true. Murder Minute is created especially with that idea, to bring daily true crime stories to Android and iOS users across the world. Read about famous serial killers, known and unknown murder cases, mysteries, high profile police investigations, dramatic man hunts, and more. What we find interesting about this app is the way it presents the stories. Murder Minute brings you suspenseful true crime stories every day in a unique chat format. You will enjoy solved and unsolved crime stories, some of which you will find nowhere else.

If you want to check out the Murder Minute app by download it from Google Play or the App Store. It’s free of charge!

Official Website: Murder Minute

App Store Download Link: Murder Minute

Google Play Download Link: Murder Minute