Thursday, September 20, 2018

Business App of the Week – Gainbuzz

There’s an app on both Android and iOS platforms that make advertising easy. It’s called Gainbuzz, and it’s our pick for a Business App of the Week. Whether you want to advertise smarter, or to plan and execute cost effective campaigns, this powerful tool provides with a huge database of media assets and services. Check out what its best features are and why we love it in the article below.

Why Gainbuzz?

Gainbuzz is an online marketing platform suitable for advertisers, media buyers and media sellers that want to bring the entire media sales process online. Easy to use and developed for iOS and Android users, the app offers an efficient way for discovering detail information on 1000s of media types such as locations, rates, availability and much more at the user’s fingertips. With the app businesses can list, discover and book local advertising spots using the web and mobile applications to enable smarter, faster and better media buying and planning. Additionally, media sellers can find more advertisers and sell their advertising spots. 

What are the best features of Gainbuzz?

This online business platform has special features depending on if the user is an advertiser, a media buyer of a media seller.  With the app, the media sellers and the media buyers are able to connect with many marketplace applications to enable smarter and faster media planning and buying. Also, the media buyers and the advertisers on the app have the chance to use it no matter if they want to create a buzz, reach a mass audience or direct locals to their front doors, allowing them to achieve their business goal easily.  On the app, the users have the chance to request more information on media assets they’ve browsed and even launch an entire campaign on the go.

With the Pro version of the app, the media sellers are offered to manage their asset inventory, focus on growing their business, to gain visibility and generate more business, as well to enhance their ROI too. Media sellers on the app can add media assets and their availability app to date, receive notifications for inquiries and book requests, to create proposals and promote to their potential advertisers. The media sellers can also organize their conversations and add contacts, managing accounts, and booking, receiving and sending payments with high security.

Download the advertising app for free on App Store and Google Play for smarter and faster media planning and buying!

Official Website: Gainbuzz
Google Play Download Link for Advertisers: Gainbuzz
App Store Download Link for Advertisers: Gainbuzz
App Store Download Link for Media Sellers: Gainbuzz Pro
Google Play Download Link for Media Sellers: Gainbuzz Pro