Friday, August 24, 2018

Music App of the Month – MeloDroid

As a Music App of the Month we’ve picked an amazing online music player app that lets you find and listen to your favorite tracks. It’s called MeloDroid, currently available on the Android platform, free for download and presented with the friendly user interface. Listen to music and audio with this wonderful online music player app and enjoy!

What is so special about the player?

Developed for Android users, easy to use, practical, helpful and powerful, this music app is created especially for users that are looking for a simple way to discover music from the whole world and listen to trending music online for free. With this third-party client of SoundCloud, the users are getting a powerful online music player that allows them to discover music quickly and find any song or audio they like inside one app, without much effort. The app will help the users explore the online music world and experience the most amazing music from the whole world.

What are the best features of MeloDroid?

The MeloDroid has to offer all its users and music lovers amazing features that will get their music experience to the next level, all what they want and need inside one app. By using the app’s help, the user is able to search, find and listen to music and audios online for free, easily and quickly. Users can search through many genres such as pop, trance, rock, rap, disco, blues, classical, jazz and many more genres offered on the app as well. With this app, each user is able to explore the music world online and search by preset genres, discovering the trending music worldwide. Each favorite song of the user or his favorite music can be managed easily on the app and each user has also the chance to manage his local playlists as it suits him. Not only that the user gets to listen to free online music but also any song he wants can be played in the background easily. Users can even find lyrics of their favorite songs on the app and with all these features offered and this powerful music player widget, users will enjoy and explore the music world online anytime they want, instantly and directly on their phones.

Download the app for free on Google Play to easily discover trending music and listen to songs online!

Google Play Download Link: MeloDroid