Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Puzzle Game of the Week - Block Puzzle Reloaded

Block Puzzle Reloaded is our choice for a Puzzle Game of the Week. Why? Because it is an innovative block puzzle game that reinvents the good, old tetris. If you want to test your brain skills or just to have fun on your mobile device anywhere and anytime, this game is definitely perfect for you. Check out our review to see what the game is all about!

New and fun take on the old puzzle game styles

Block Puzzle Reloaded is a splendid new puzzle game in the style of the classic Tetris games. Arrange the blocks to form complete vertical and horizontal rows, destroy them, clear out the grid and then the same again and again until you are completely stuck. But instead of the block shapes falling down the grid, you drag and drop them – anywhere – you find it fit and create complete vertical and horizontal rows to be cleared out that way. A simple yet defining little change that make Block Puzzle Reloaded stand out from the sea of Tetris-like puzzle games on the stores.

Two modes, 4 different blast power-ups, infinite fun

Block Puzzle Reloaded has two different playable modes, the classic – how long can you last? mode and the timed one urging you to clear out the gird as fast as possible. These two game modes alongside the fun blast powers give this simple puzzle concept a little more variety when it comes to its gameplay, and this is why Block Puzzle Reloaded stands out from the crowd. Daily achievement challenges, level system and competing with your friends while collecting points and climbing the leaderboard is all present in Block Puzzle Reloaded.

Give Block Puzzle Reloaded a go, download and install it for free, its available for both iOS and Android device s and it can be found at the Google Play and the App Store right now.

Google Play Download Link: Block Puzzle Reloaded

App Store Download Link: Block Puzzle Reloaded