Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Cross-Platform App of the Month – Storybeat

If you want to make your photos and videos a lot cooler than they already are, we’ve got the right app for you. Meet Storybeat, the app that unleashes your creativity and takes it to another level. Add music to your videos or photos and share your favorite moments like never before! We liked this app so much that we’re sharing it with you as a Cross-Platform App of the Month.

What does the Storybeat app offers?

The Storybeat app has many useful features you can use to upgrade your instagram photos and videos and add amazing music and sound effects to them. With Storybeat you can add any song from the app’s massive library to your story, photo or video, you can add different sound effects, even record your voice or any sound you can then add to your photos and videos. With the app you can create slidshows with music, convert live photos into videos with boomerang effects and on top of that add music and create stop motion video with your favorite music. The Storybeat features are simple and easy to use, just select the video or photograph from your phone’s camera roll, add the song or sound effect you like and you are done. You can then go on and share it on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Youtube, Twitter and Messenger, and even share it simultaneously on all of them.

More than a million songs you can choose from

If you found adding music to your Instagram Stories and photos to be a little difficult or you don’t really want to bother with third party software on your computer, Storybeat is the perfect app for you.  Adding songs or sound effect over your story, photo or video is easy and the app gives you options to choose your favorite part of the song, recording your own sounds and more. The app contains millions of tracks you can choose from. The app’s library contains around million songs, regularly updated. You can find songs from all popular genres like pop, rock, rap, EDM, electronic, reggaeton etc. Any song you can find on Spotify, you can add to your story, video or photo. 
You can find and download the Storybeat app for free from the Google Play Store or the App Store.
Google Play Download Link: Storybeat

App Store Download Link: Storybeat