Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Merge Instagram and email marketing to increase your website's conversion rate

Direct marketing approaches mean email marketing through the internet, where you are required to send emails to your clients where you will describe the products you have to them. You have to hope they will follow up on your emails and subscribe to your services and later full-time customers. 

The only issue with such a method is that for it to be successful, you have to ensure that the emails are opened first. If you combine Instagram with your email marketing, then you can get people to open your mails more often and make the procedure easier. This article will give you some innovative techniques for doing this.
1.     Begin with basic education
You have to offer informative clips and photos from your Instagram business page with your emails to educate your recipients about the products which you have to offer. They will never buy the products you have to offer unless you provide simplified information about your products to people. Use Instagram for this purpose; give photos of your products being used in daily life by other customers. This will help your recipients understand how they can also use it for their daily purposes.
2.     Offer varieties to your leads
One of the basic ways of getting the lead to convert into a sale is by having follow-up sequences in order after sending your first email. You must have marketing plans which include discounts, email marketing with many graphics showing various information about your business. You can put up infographics which will teach them various new techniques of using your products. Variety also includes invitations to various web seminars and links to other interesting materials. 
3.     Repetitions
You need to resend your emails multiple times before people finally open them and start responding to them. You can try sending the same textual material with new photos of the products from Instagram. Include different angles of the same images, or show different people using your products.
4.     Provide links to your Instagram page
Provide the Instagram links to your business pages in your emails. This will allow people to visit your page directly and see your content when they are intrigued. This is a wonderful method to make interested people learn more about the products you have to offer. Often when people see other people liking certain products, then their interests get piqued. This is highly beneficial from your perspective.
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Instagram needs to be integrated with your email marketing methods to ensure that your business marketing techniques become successful. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will help you in this regard.

Author bio: Daniel Willis is a business correspondent for The New York Times, he writes about innovative business strategies in the modern era. He recommends you to get more followers for Instagram to increase your business profits.