Friday, April 13, 2018

Share your Skills and Stay Organized with PinUpp App

We take our smartphones everywhere we go, and with their powerful processors and LTE connectivity, they can be indispensable as personal assistants and productivity aids. If you’re aiming to get more done on the go, adding some apps to your mobile device can be a step in the right direction.

What is PinUpp App?

As a proposal for our article today we have found a quite interesting and revolutionizing application that could change your life for 360 degrees, of course in a positive way. Namely, we talk about PinUpp App that is could be used when you applying for a job, looking for your next gig or just want to create a snapshot of yourself! Simply generate a PinUpp and share.

The App’s Purpose

Everyone is unique and deserves to show that. With PinUpp, you can show what really matters in an impressive infographic resume format. Use this app to create multiple PinUpp profiles for multiple gigs, change titles, logos and share your cool resume "PinUpp" on social media to get the word out there! You can send out a snapshot of your skills for a job, create a PinUpp profile for your team or other team members. Have a go, try it for FREE and make your PinUpp the talk of the town. Show what matter, generate a PinUpp.
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Free to Use

Be creative and have fun, download PinUpp App on App Store and start using it for free. Share your thoughts and experience with us, right here down below. For any support or more info make contact on Check it out!

App Store Download Link: PinUpp