Friday, March 23, 2018

Wall Jumper - Have Fun Jumping Upwards & Avoiding Challenging Obstacles

Finding a fun and exciting game for killing time and testing your skills while enjoying the gameplay is very hard for choosing among so many games daily offered to us. One of the best genres of games for these purposes are certainly the endless jumping games. For everyone that likes to jump as a ninja and have fun winning high scores by jumping high and as long as possible, we did our research and we have a great ninja jumping game to offer you. Let’s discuss it.

What is so special about this game?

Developed for android users, very easy for playing and suitable for anyone that likes fast paced action games, this tap jumping game offers players to test their skills and enjoy playing as ninjas. This ninja jumping game has to offers its players wonderful sharp graphics, getting them addicted to playing fast. The players just need to react fast and jump high as possible to get out of the nuclear factory while avoiding many obstacles on their way out. With jumping high players will get their chance to win high scores and become the ultimate ninja jumper of this super addictive jump game.

What are the best features offered?

The Wall Jumper offers all its players exciting and quality features which will keep them interested and addicted to playing each time they jump. On this tap game, players just need to simply tap the screen to jump as ninjas high and try to escape the nuclear factory. A great way for killing time, this ninja jump game is testing the skills of the players by asking them to avoid the obstacles on their way up with getting around them when they jump. The players that don’t succeed to avoid an obstacle will lose and need to start jumping again from the start. For players that jump and reach as high as possible will get the highest scores. Along the way, players need to collect the capsules offered which will help them obtain their powerful shield. Also, on the way up, players get to collect power ups for getting their scores even higher and reaching out the factory easily. Challenging the reactions of players, this jump game is offering endless jumping action and endless fun for everyone.

Download the game now on Google Play for free to experience the addictive fast paced action!

Google Play Download Link: Wall Jumper