Thursday, March 29, 2018

Action Game of the Month - Super Bomber Boy

Our Action Game of the Month is an innovative game twist of the good old popular Bomberman. It is called Super Bomber Boy, now available for all Android users that want to experience a never-ending arcade action on their devices. Prepare to play one of the most engaging games anywhere you are, anytime you want. Keep on reading to see how it’s played!
Bomberman inspired action game
Bomberman – you know it, you played it. The old NES classic is the inspiration for the arcade action game Super Bomber Boy we recreantly stumbled upon in the sea of arcade and action games on the Google Play Store. This game is a superb homage on the old classic, with the same charming and enjoyable game-play and mechanics, but with far superior 3D and HD graphics and additional fun unlockable power-ups. The fast paced, strategy based and fun game-play is what makes Super Bomber Boy our choice when it comes to spending some gaming time on our Android devices.
Collect coins, unlock power-ups, beat the levels
Super Bomber Boy is packed with fun features from additional characters that can be unlocked with coins collected during game-play to amazing power-ups that make the game more exciting and fun. Power-ups like additional time, protection, blast resistance, super bomb can also be purchased with the in game coins. Super Bomber Boy is the perfect bland of arcade action and strategy. Placing your bomb in the right spot and making sure it won’t end up hurting you while destroying the enemy creatures and blocks is of upmost importance. All this and finding the hidden key while the time is ticking away leads to amazing and thrilling action game-play you can spend hours on. The Super Bomber Boy has more than 48 levels in its campaign mode and 4 different worlds you can play in.
If you are feeling nostalgic for some Bomberman action, try Super Bomber Boy – its completely free and available for download at the Google Play Store.
Google Play Store download link: Super Bomber Boy