Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sky Jet War – Move the Jet Ship High as Possible and Break the Gates

One of the most exciting and fun games for playing are definitely the adventure games. More specifically we surely think that if you like adventure games you will enjoy playing and going on your own flying adventure to win points for your achievements.  If you like to test your skills and have fun flying a cool jet ship, we did our research and we discovered one incredibly fun adventure game set high in the sky for your android phone – Sky Jet War. Let’s discuss it.

What is so special about this game?

Developed for android users, fun and easy to play for all ages, this adventure game of flying a jet ship is testing the player’s skills while he enjoys his own flying adventure. On the game, players will enjoy playing and flying the ship high as possible and progressing in different challenge, keeping them interested in playing. Simple interface, sharp graphics and cool sound effects are offered to players to fly and get high scores while avoiding the dangerous obstacles on their way up the sky.  Fly high and become the ultimate player of the game!

What are the best features offered?

This incredible adventure of flying is offering its users to have fun and enjoy the amazing features that will get them addicted to the gameplay fast. The game has one simple request. Players need to touch the ship to drag it high as possible while avoiding the many obstacles on their way and breaking the red gates to win points. Each time the player hits an obstacle the game will finish and the player will need to start playing all over again. For keeping players interested and challenging them, the game offers different challenges as the player progresses. Also, many power-ups are set across the sky and if the player collects them he will get help in the game whenever he needs it. All the player’s scores can be used for unlocking new jet ships. With playing this game players will experience an amazing flying adventure and get high scores for their best achievements as jet flyers.

Download the game for free now on Google Play and enjoy the fun adventure of flying!

Google Play Download Link: Sky Jet War