Saturday, February 10, 2018

Break It – Face the Challenging Geometrical Shapes to Destroy Them

Nowadays smartphone games offer us fun in times of boredom or waiting, offering us to test our skills and better them and keeping our reflexes sharp. Many new and interesting games are being developed constantly, making it hard for us to choose the one we need. So, if you like fun and addictive tapper games, we did our research and we have a tap game that offers you endless fun while challenging your skills of precision – Break It. Let’s discuss it.

What is so special about this game?

Developed for android users, suitable for anyone, very fun and addictive this tapper game will challenge the fast and precision skills of the player, testing him while he has fun hopping the ball to destroy the geometrical shapes. Players get to switch between day or night background of the colorful and cool design, enjoying and getting interested in playing on their first try. The players that react the fastest and precisely destroy the most of the challenging shapes will get to progress in the game and win the highest scores, becoming the ultimate tapper of this incredible tap game.

What are the best features of the game?

Amazing and interesting features are being offered by this game to make the gameplay exciting for all tap players and lovers. Even though the gameplay is very simple for understanding, it can be quite challenging for players, testing their skills of precision. Just by tapping on the screen, players will hop the ball to destroy the challenging geometrical shapes. Players need to be careful to hit the right parts of the shape, the red ones. The shapes also have deadly black areas and if the player hits those the game will finish for him. With destroying more shapes the faster the rotation of the shapes is becoming, making harder for players to progress. As one shape is destroyed another one for destroying emerges. Each player that destroys more shapes and reacts as fast as he can, will get to progress further in the game. The scores of the player can be shared with other people to see which players has the most of them and is the best tapper player.

Download the game for free on Google Play and have fun challenging your tap skills!

Google Play Download Link: Break It