Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Hoverwatch, The Tracking App you will need to Keep your Kids Safe

Parents are getting kids their own phone from the age of 11 years old. To me that’s a little bit ridiculous but for some parent’s life is too busy so they need to keep in-touch with their children on a daily basis. Just for them to ring you and say they are on their way to school or returning home. However, kids are kids and they can be a very stubborn bunch. That’s why you need that extra security and to put your mind at ease with tracking phone software hoverwatch.

Hoverwatch does a lot more than just tracking your child’s phone and showing the location on an online map. The app monitors and records just about everything that’s on the device and all of its daily usage. From the call history, WhatsApp messages, Facebook chats, Instagram, internet activity just to name a few. The great thing about hoverwatch is the fact that parents can monitor a device and the app will be completely invisible on the targeted phone.

Steps on how to install

· Prepare your target Android phone. Open Settings > (General) > Security. Enable "Unknown sources" option.

· Open your internet browser. Type https://www.hoverwatch.com/. Enter your email and password and click "SIGN UP FREE".

· Select Android and click "Download."

· If you cannot find the "Add Device" page, click "Menu" button, then click "Add Device".

· Tap setup.apk to start installation wizard. Tap Next, then Install and Open.

· Do not open the program from the Chrome browser's downloads list.

· Use File Manager to find it in the Downloads folder and launch it from there.

· Select installation option and tap OK. Depending on your choice you can choose to hide Hoverwatch icon.

· Accept the legal terms.

· Enter your Hoverwatch account login and password. Tap Activate.

· Remember your new PIN to open application. Tap OK.

· Activate "Usage tracking": tap "Yes", find and tap "Sync Service", activate "Allow usage tracking".

· Tap "back" button twice and return to Hoverwatch app. Disable Battery optimization: Tap "Yes" button. Change "Not optimized" to "All apps" item. Find and deactivate "Sync Service" app.

· Tap "back" button and return to Hoverwatch app. Allow app to capture screen. Enable "Don`t show again" item. Tap "Start now" button.

· Activate Device administrator: Tap "Yes" button, in new message tap "Activate" button.

There is also a feature that allows you to keep tracking the device even if the SIM card have been replaced.

It goes without saying that the software should be used legally and the laws of your country should be followed.

Hoverwatch varies in price and starts at only $19.95 per month to monitor a single device to $149.95 per month to monitor up to 25 devices.