Monday, December 25, 2017

Loft Design Lock Screen – Change Your Lock Screen with Wallpapers of Choice

Personalization of our phones was never easier. Nowadays with the amount of apps created especially for this purpose, we can easily make our phones unique by setting lock screen by choice, fonts, colors and dates as we like them to be. To do that without any effort, you need the right personalization app. We did our research and we have for you one amazing app that will help you get your phone on the next level. Let’s discuss it.

What is this app exactly?

Developed for android users, especially created as one helpful and practical personalization app for the lock screen of smartphones, allowing its users to easily and effortlessly find and change the wallpaper on their lock screens by preference. The app is allowing all its users to personalize the lock screen of their phones, setting wallpaper offered by the app or to even set a photo from their gallery instead. Using this app will allow users to set a unique look on their lock screens by their own taste, without any effort, choosing their favorite wallpaper.

Why do we love this app?

The Loft Design Lock Screen is helping its users, giving them many different options of lock patterns they can choose for their lock screens, easily and quickly setting their favorite one. Users with this app will be able to find the perfect lock template for them and change it as they want it to be. This app is easy to use, very light-weighted, allowing users on the app to change the lock screen with amazing wallpapers offered by the app, without any effort. More than the amazing Loft Design wallpapers; the app offers an option for the users to change the lock screen by setting a photo from the phone’s gallery and use it as lock screen wallpaper. Users by using this amazing app, can set the colors and fonts as well to change the styles of date and time texts for their screens. With this, the app will display real time and date on the lock screens. A big selection of locks are offered, offering users to easily find the best wallpaper for them and personalize the lock screen as they like it.

Download this app on Google Play now for free.

Google Play Download Link:  Loft Design Lock Screen