Thursday, December 21, 2017

English to Spanish Translator – The Translator app You Need!

Do you have your smartphone handy? Of course you do. Most of us, always have our smartphones on and ready to use. But there’s no shame in keeping your smartphone by your side at all times, as countless time it has proved itself to be a very useful tool, in multitude of situations. We all know that we can use our smart devices for more than just playing Candy Crash Saga or Trivia Crack – whether or not we choose to! Your smartphone can seriously help you on your Spanish learning journey. All you need is a mobile app to save you from any Spanish language emergency.

Read out translated text

Translation apps are an amazing invention to ease our communication problems with people from different countries, who speak in different languages. English to Spanish Translator is a translator app developed for Android, which as its name states can translate English to Spanish and Spanish to English.

This app can be great and useful tool for every traveller or language learner who needs help translating words, phrases and sentences. The app even has the option read out the translated text so it’s a great tool for learning correct pronunciation. We all know that in many cases, the same word or phrase, can be translated differently by different translation apps or websites. The result often varies depending on the translation app or site used. With English to Spanish Translator you can easily compare the different translations

Quick and accurate translations

The app comes with many useful features. English to Spanish Translator have the functions to clear and copy text, and save history of all translated text for later more convenient access. The users can access the app’s saved history log with pressing the history button. If you lightly touch the button the app will retranslate for you all of the saved text in the history log. And if you press and hold the history button the user will get the option to clear out the log and delete all saved history from the app. English to Spanish Translator is very useful app, no matter what the occasion, it will provide quick and accurate translations in matter of seconds.

So whether you want to talk to a relative, or you are on a business acquisition in Spain, the English to Spanish Translator app will help you learn the lingo over time or for those more in a rush, give you a quick translation. You can find and download the app for free at the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store download link: English to Spanish Translator