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Saturday, December 16, 2017

ASAP Interpreter – Get On-Site Court Certified Interpreter Today

Finding language interpreters that qualified, verified and pro-approved and that can provide you with help whenever you need it are very difficult for finding. Because of that, nowadays, with the right app on your phone you can search for available interpreters, using their services in the same day, making your work life much easier.  We did our research and we have for you one great app that can help you search and find these services easily. Let’s discuss it.

What is this app exactly?

Developed for android and IOS users as simple and highly efficient business app which can help users find available interpreters in the last minute, for live meetings for the same day they require the service, without much effort. Especially created for lawyers and legal staff, users can look on the app for certified and verified language interpreters that are language pre-approved, that will provide them with the needed service whenever they need it, fast and simple. The app offers meetings only in live, without as a great solution for on-site court certified interpreters.

Why do we love this app?

The ASAP Interpreter is offering all its users a simple and quick way for looking the interpreter services available constantly, within minutes in the same day that the user is requiring them. On the app, users are offered to find always available interpreters with using their GPS and finding the available servicers in their surroundings, whenever they want them. All interpreters on the app are verified, available for contact and offer meetings with the users in life. With this app there is no need of SMS, phone calls or emails too. Users on the app are only requested to enter their location with the language combination they want and the app will list all interpreters available in the moment for providing them that service.

All users need to do is to login on the app and use the services whenever they need it. The using of this app will save users a lot of time and save them money, finding them the nearest available interpreters in minutes, getting them the service in the same day. Download this app on Google Play and App Store now for free.

Official Website: ASAP Interpreter

Google Play Download Link: ASAP Interpreter

App Store Download Link: ASAP Interpreter

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Friday, December 15, 2017

Cooking App of the Week – TalkToChef

Forget about screwing your meal while following a new recipe and have all of your cooking problems solved with our Cooking App of the Week, TalkToChef. This amazing Android tool can have all of your questions answered regarding your meal cooking. How? By live video chatting with worldwide professional chefs. Read more below, learn how to cook or improve your cooking skills with an ease.

Consult with professional chefs from around the world

TalkToChef it’s an amazing new app, a face-to-face video service, connecting users directly to an expert who can help them with any kind of cooking emergency or culinary 911. No space for panic if you forgotten an ingredient for your complicated recipe, there is probably substitute for it. But you do not know it right? Now with the TalkToChef app you can connect with professional culinary chefs from all around the world who will help you find those missing ingredients or help you learn some new cooking skills! Connect with professional chefs and have all of your culinary questions answered in an instant.

TalkToChef’s cool & innovative features

The process of connecting to a professional is really simple. All one needs to do is press the hotline button, select a cuisine, cooking method and diet (there are many to choose from). From there the app will send a push notification to all chefs available relevant to your needs and then you are connected with one and you can start you video session.

It’s a great way to consult when preparing meals for special occasions, learning a particular cooking skill or when you simply look for ideas how to cook something amazing with only the ingredients you have available in your fridge. At the end of your video chat you can rate the chef and give out a voluntary tip if you want to show appreciation for their time and efforts.

TalkToChef tries to revolutionize the cooking education. And with all of its features and what it offers, we can say it is pretty successful in this quest.

You can find and download TalkToChef at Google Play Store. Try it out a lets us know what you think!

Google Play Store download link: TalkToChef

Website: https://talktochef.com/

Gym Workout Routine & Meal Plan by Athl3tics is One of the Best Fitness Apps at this Moment

Probably one of the hardest things to do today is to follow a workout routine to get and retain a fit body. Doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, a fit body always seems to be an elusive goal for the most of us. If you are someone who fits this description and were looking for some good workout apps to get you started on this journey to the elusive fit body, here is one of the 12 best workout apps on Android you can use..

Tailored for your goals

If you’re looking for new and pro fitness up that guarantee results and that will improve your health and body well-being, then continue to read carefully, because you’re on the right path. Take a look at Athl3tics fitness app that is perfect for all beginners and pros also who want to train with special workout fitness program and meal planner, which we will present here in details.

So all you need is a strong will, commitment, and persistence to get the benefits in short period of time that will be a great motivation to stay on track. The Athl3tics app offers exercises and meal plans according to your desired outcome (weight loss, gain muscle, recomposition) and will lead you to step by step to accomplish that goal. Now let’s see in detail what the programs contain.

What’s included

In the fitness program, there are steps for quantified goal settings, endurance building, scientifically-backed workout routines, HIIT: High-Intensity Interval workouts, dynamic strength workouts, bodyweight exercises and gym workout routines. The meal planner program offers tips from healthy meal planner, foods for fat loss, perfect carb control, losing water weight, select meal exclusions (gluten, dairy, meat, soy) to diet filters: paleo, vegan, vegetarian and more! 

Don’t waste your time and get Athl3tics on your Android and get free trial workout exercises and the payment will be charged to your Account at confirmation of purchase. Visit the link to Google Play Store to get the app and more info. Now, are you ready for ultimate fitness session? Let’s do it!

Paracle – The Easiest Way to Earn Great Rewards & Gift Cards

Gift cards are just about the next best thing to cash. You can use them for whatever you want at the store they’re for, so they come in handy when you need them – or just want to splurge! Did you know that apps for your mobile device can actually pay you in gift cards just for using them? While these apps won’t necessarily help you pay the bills each month, they certainly can help you afford things you want and need. And, they’re perfect ways to earn some gift cards during your down time. Paracle is the one we’ll be discussing today. Use your lunch break or a few minutes after you get home from work to play around with this app. You may rack up enough points to turn into gift cards in just a couple of weeks.

Easy way to earn some extra money in form of e-cards

With today’s struggling economy we all can benefit of a free way to make money on the side! This is where apps like Paracle come into play! Whit its amazing points & reward system, Paracle helps its users earn extra cash in form of e-gift cards. It’s simple as that, earn some points and redeem them for gift cards from a store of your choosing. Paracle have gift cards from Starbucks, H&M, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Visa and more. Paracle offers special rewards for its verified users, so make sure you check out what’s required for the verification process so you won’t miss out on any cool rewards!

Paracle’s points & rewards system

With Paracle you collect points from liking and sharing photos. So after you set up your profile you are ready to start uploading and posting your photos. Each time someone likes your photo, or you like another user’s photo Paracle gives you points. You can also earn more points with viewing special ads and referring other users. The more followers you gather, the more points you’ll end up earning, which we all know what it means – more money to spend in your favorite stores!  Isn’t it nice, to have the ability for making money online, wherever you are, just by using an app on your iPhone?
You can start using Paracle today. Find and download Paracle at the App Store, it’s completely free!

App Store download link:

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App Review – Check for Hotmail

Sometimes checking our email constantly for new email or just waiting for some important mail can be quite exhausting. This is where the right communication app for this purpose comes in. Choosing the right app for this can make it easier for you to track and check for new mail daily without spending much time constantly opening your email. We did our research and we have an app that will notify you always when you get emails, customized by your own preference. Let’s discuss it.

What is this app exactly?

Developed for android users, easy for using and especially created as one efficient and helpful communication app that offers all users to easily check for their email and also allowing them to use one amazing detailed calendar for their smartphone. With the help of this app, users can quickly and easily check for email in real time with fresh push notifications, both locally and online. The app is suitable for Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook, offering users simple and clean design, offering them to effortlessly check for mail whenever they need to and constantly keep track of their mail.

Why do we love this app?

Check for Hotmail as one practical communication app for tracking new emails is offering all its users to look for their email whenever they want to, without much effort, quickly. The app is working in real time, sending users push notifications no matter if locally or online, allowing to smart search for emails constantly. Also, the app is highly safe and protected, offering users to use a passcode or fingerprint for accessing the mail. On this app, users are able to use the amazing, specific and detailed calendar with list, day, week and month views. The app is offering users great widgets for their home screen as well. Users will enjoy using the amazing swipe functions for their inbox, they will be able to customize the interface and use signatures too. With the help of this app, users will also be able to easily integrate the app with Android Wear and One Drive or customize a do-not-disturb period for their mail.
Download this app on Google Play now for free.

Google Play Download Link: Check for Hotmail

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Tuxler - The First Community-Powered Residential VPN

What is a VPN? In the simplest terms, a VPN is used to create a secure, encrypted connection – which can be thought of as a tunnel between your computer and a server operated by the VPN service. In a professional setting, this tunnel makes you part of the company’s network, as if you were physically sitting in the office, hence the name. The protection provided by VPN offers users many advantages. First and foremost, it prevents, anyone on the same network access point (or anywhere else) from intercepting your web traffic. This is especially handy for travelers and for those who frequently use public Wi-Fi networks, such as web surfers at hotels, airports, coffee shops and malls. VPNs cloak your computer’s actual IP address, making it harder for advertisers (and spies, or hackers) to track your online activities. This is why having a VPN is really important and should be something everyone needs to get in the habit of using.

Why is residential VPN a better choice?

Tuxler free VPN uses residential IPs. While most of the people doesn’t know the difference between residential and datacenter IPs it is important to consider their difference when choosing a VPN. In a simplest explanation, datacenter IPs comes from secondary corporations, while residential ones are come frome standard Internet Service Providers, directly from your home. Residential IPs are overall much safer and aren’t as easily detectable as proxies, unlike datacenter IPs, which are often easy to detect as proxy and be blocked. This is because datacenter IPs are much more likely to be used by cyber-criminals and hackers and by this negative association most of the large corporations search for potential proxy users and ban their IPs. And when this happens, the datacenter IPs are the first ones out. This is why Tuxler VPN use of residential IPs is a great feature.

Why is Tuxler a unique VPN?

Tuxler have many great features which makes it perfect for anyone who wants to practice secure and safe online browsing. It comes without bandwidth limits or annoying ads. All its connection are encrypted and anonymous, making sure all of the browsing is secure which is especially handy when traveling or using public Wi-Fi connections. While many VPNs have old proxy servers which happens to be blocked everywhere, Truxler strength is in its community. The more people use the app the more servers will be available. As its users number is growing exponentially, so are the number of servers available. As we mention Truxler uses residential IPs instead of datacenter ones which are easily detectable as proxies.
Thanks to this its users can browse the web as a real user without worrying that the proxy will be detected and blocked. You can find Tuxler at Google Chrome Webstore!

Chrome Webstore download link: Tuxler

Official Website: Tuxler

Disaster Survival Prep Guide – Ultimate Guide to Surviving & Preparing for Natural Disasters

We live in the era of new technology when our phones are filled with useful information and apps that come in handy exactly when you need them. One of those options is the survival apps for learning how to survive and prep in case of disasters. However, many apps are offered for this purpose and because of that choosing the best one is confusing. We did our research and we found for you the right app that can help you feel protected and ready in dangerous situations. Let’s discuss it.

What is this app exactly?

The Disaster Survival Prep Guide is developed on IOS and android platform as one useful survival guide that contains helpful and life-saving advice and tips for surviving and keeping safe in disaster and emergencies situations that can occur home or outside. With the help of this survival app, users can easily learn what needs to be done and how for surviving and preparing for emergencies or disasters. On the app, users can find many detailed information with high-quality professional animations and illustrations which can help them learn how to react and do in those dangerous moments. Users can learn about surviving in nuclear fallouts, wildfires, earthquakes and much more. 

Why do we love this app?

With the help of this comprehensive disaster and emergency situation survival guide that is created especially to keep all users safe and educating them about protecting and surviving. The survival guide is covering details about prepping the home for earthquakes, nuclear fallouts, teaching them to build shelters, about purifying water, staying protected in case a grid goes down and much more. With the app, users can also manage and save their own survival kit checklist.

The app’s instructions are being accompanied with professional illustrations for users to easily learn everything about surviving fast. The details on this guide are about earthquakes, storms, extremely cold weather, tornados, wildfires, what to do in case of accidents and nuclear fallouts, rescue SOS guide, guide for building shelters, comprehensive survival kit and 72 hour survival guide. With the information in the guide users can protect themselves and people around them in different dangerous situations.

Download this app on Google Play and App Store now for free.

Google Play Download Link: Disaster Survival Prep Guide

App Store Download Link: Disaster Survival Prep Guide

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Incredible Zombie Loop arcade game for epic gaming experience

For a long time, arcade games were among the most popular in the world. They usually have short play times, consistent challenge, and simple gameplay. Some popular examples from mobile’s early days include Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and Doodle Jump. The result is a highly addictive, enjoyable experience that gives players the urge to keep going. Arcade games on mobile aren’t quite the same as their coin-operated predecessors, but they can still provide a good time. Here is our pick from the best arcade games for Android!

Exciting and challenging zombie arcade game
Are you bored with average arcades that are just wasting your time and leave you indifferent? If it so, we are here to help you and introduce you a quite exciting and challenging zombie arcade that will glue you to your Android device provides you an excellent entertainment in the spirit of the dark side of mobile gaming. May sound little creepy but it’s actually quite interesting, fun and challenging game if you have the ambition to master it!
Satisfy the hunger of the Zeb Zombie

The game it’s called Zombie Loop, an addictive endless zombie run arcade game about the Zeb Zombie, a wacky friend you use to know and love but has now turned to eating the brains of his victims. Your mission is to help him and lead him by jumping and weaving around the wheel of doom to satisfy his hunger for brains and parts that will bring you a lot of high scores. By playing this game, it’s easily to enjoy the fluid gameplay, speed progression based off score, astonishing graphics and sound effects which Zombie Loop offers.
Free to play
Another awesome thing that we must emphasize is the free downloading of it on Google Play Store, which makes this zombie arcade even more attractive and worthy to give it a try. Now it’s up to you guys, but we hope that you won’t miss it!

Google Play Download Link: Zombie Loop

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Your New Personal Driving Assistant – FitCar AI

The old joke is that men hate stopping and asking for directions, but the truth is that no one likes to. It takes you out of your way and wastes precious time. Why waste time when you can download an awesome turn-by-turn navigation app and skip the awkward conversation with a stranger. When we think navigation app, we typically think Google Maps. It’s the one most people recommend. Google has been really on top of navigation over the last couple of years, but there are plenty of different options if you aren’t clicking with Google Maps. Today we are introducing you to FitCar AI!

Not your ordinary GPS navigational tool

This app is the first community-based navigation app developed for Android and alongside its gps navigation features this app also have patent pending Self Car Diagnostic and Car Recall tool. With FitCar AI you can actively report car issues, maintenance and other problems your car is experiencing. You will also receive car maintenance alerts. So you see, FitCar AI is more like a personal driving assistant, than a simple gps navigation app.

FitCar AI key features

The app is developed for drivers around the world to join in a community where they’ll share real-time information and data about roads, traffic, car conditions, cheapest car shops for parts and much more to help each other save on potential car maintenance costs, gas money, time, and improve daily commuting overall.

FitCar AI is packed with features including: GPS navigation, turn-by-turn directions, tracking driving history, car maintenance alerts, proprietary self-diagnostics, proprietary car recall checker, car notification, etc. But other than all of the mentioned features, the app promises many more with its future updates which will really focus on the community-based nature of the app.

FitCar AI is free to download but have some premium features you can purchase. You can find and download FitCar AI for free at Google Play Store today.

Google Play Store download link: FitCar AI

Addictive and challenging adventure game app Run & Jump Boy that you shouldn’t miss

Adventure games are among the most unique of any games. They don’t fit into any one category or genre and often times they’ll fit into several genres at once. The only real prerequisite for a game to be an adventure game is that it must take you on an adventure. If you’re ready for a list of games that will do just that, here is our pick for one of the best adventure games on Android!

What is Run and Jump Boy game app?

It’s time to say goodbye to boredom because here we have a perfect proposal of game app which will replace your free time with some challenging and exciting gameplay and glue to your Android for hours and hours. Our pick for today’s article is called Run & Jump Boy (The Running Journey of the Lost Kid), an amazing adventure game that surely won’t leave you indifferent, and we’re strongly recommending for all of you fans of this genre of mobile games.

Universally Fun & Enjoyable

The game has universal spirit, suitable for kids and adults. Try and play this game, see how far you can get by jumping and running on the floating bricks in order to reach the highest scores possible. Through the game, you can enjoy the colorful design with set in the mountains as one main character for jumping and running across the sky with following ultra fun sound effects that surely won’t let you get bored, but will keep you more exciting and entertained on the track. 

Free to download

Give yourself a try and download this epic action-adventure game on Google Play Store for free. Enjoy it to the fullest, share with your friends and write us your experience!

Google Play Download Link: Run & Jump Boy

Health & Fitness App of the Month - 90 Day Diet

90 Day Diets is our Health & Fitness App of the Month for a reason! It is one of the best weight loss apps you can download to get in shape and lose weight by turning your iPhone or Android into a personal trainer and dietician without paying big bucks for either expert. Read the article and find out everything you need to know about it.

What is 90 Day Diet all about?

90 Day Diet Free - Lose Weight app is designed to lose weight without using medicine and other supplements without any side effects. You can make your body health more active. This app mainly organize that you cannot mix-up all the things in you are eating in your daily life. Such as legumes green food including spinach vitamins food forage foods protein foods such as meat eggs etc. It will organize a chart that you eat everything but not mixing it eating on different days in sufficient amount which requires your body not more than it.

This application is totally free and design for both IOS and Android. This brilliant and healthy metabolism diet is programmed to your eating habits! With this diet, you can shed 4-30 kilos 9 to 66 pounds in 90 days and keep it off for good! There is no bad effect: after this diet, you can continue to lose weight. Recipes for your support are available. Start today and you will be on your way to a slim, healthy self

Benefits of the app

The benefits that you get by using this app are your success to lose 4-30 Kilos 9 to 66 pounds -You don't feel as hungry -You eat a well-balanced diet -Proper food combinations -Feel more energy -No irritating calorie counting Concept! This diet contains a sequence of types of food per day. It is important that the order of the food sequence is maintained.

The diet starts with a PROTEIN day, CARBOHYDRATE days with various types of simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates, e.g. forages cereals and legumes buckwheat are the second and third days, followed by multi vitamins including fruits day. Monthly, you can do a water-only fasting day. Due to the separation of the proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins your body will learn how to split the food better. This modifies the metabolism in the end. Even if you finish the diet before the first 90 days, you will lose weight guaranteed. After only a few days, you feel yourself with an improved metabolism and the first pounds disappear. Your energy will increase enormously.

App Store Download Link: 90 Day Diet Free - Lose Weight (Free)

App Store Download Link: 90 Day Diet Free - Lose Weight (Pro)

Google Play Download Link: 90 Day Diet Free - Lose Weight (Free)

Google Play Download Link: 90 Day Diet Free - Lose Weight (Pro)

Website: http://www.90daydiet.net/

Menelic Visitor – Efficient Cross Platform to Easily Manage Your Visitor System

Do you want to modernize your reception or lobby and give a better impression of your company? What if you can do this easily with only using an app?  Well, you can. With the right app for these purposes you can protect your company by tracking the visitors that are going through it. However, with many apps out there that offer you this kind of protection, finding the most efficient one can be confusing. We did our research and we have the right app for you. Let’s see what the app is all about.

What is this app exactly?

Developed for android users as an business app that acts like a cross platform for visitor management system, allowing users to track the people that visit their company without much effort, keeping their security department strong. With this visitor tracking system, users can modernize their lobby or reception and leave a better impression to their visitors. On Menelic Visitor, users are offered to automate the workflow the visitors are going through and get notifications constantly when each user signs in in the company. Working offline and online, the app is keeping the data stored in the cloud until the Internet connection is again available.

Why do we love this app?

Menelic Visitor is helping businesses and companies track the visitors that go through their company and protect their security department. With this system for tracking visitors, users can go back to history to discover the time someone visited, who visited and why. Menelic Visitoris available for tablets, phones, Windows desktop and laptops. Visitors need to sign NDA or other legal form on this cross platform before they go in the companies. The staff member that is expecting the visitor will get a notification by SMS or email when the visitor signs in in the company.

With the help Menelic Visitor, users can constantly track their visitors and keep the data secured for many years in the cloud’s infrastructure. The dashboard for searching offered by the app allows users to find each visitor history whenever they want to and also use a QR code for faster signing in and out. With the app, users can also get daily visitor reports and they can offer their visitors the option for roll call printing or badge printing. 

Download Menelic Visitor on Google Play now for free.

Official Website: Menelic Visitor

Google Play Download Link: Menelic Visitor

Get the News Relevant To you with SQUID

SQUID, not a fitting name you would expect for a News app. However it’s not a name that really makes app great but what it offers. With SQUID you are able to get the News that you are mostly interested in. Simply choose the topic and get it all in one app. If you are interested in Technology, Sports, Fashion, Business and just about any News you select the topic and get it from the best source where you live.

Getting the News at the right time is important. The days of reading a newspaper is old News. If you should wake up in the more and go to the shop to get the paper you will find that the news in there are already online. That’s the reason why you need apps like SQUID to keep you up-to-date with the latest of what’s going on in the world.

The Features of SQUID

1. Wide topic selection

Personalize your news feed according to your interests. Follow or unfollow each topic whenever you wish, simply by clicking on the selected one. If you want to resume receiving articles from that category, simply tick that topic once again.

2. Country selection

Select your country and following language and receive fresh news from the best news sources.

3. Rolling tab

Select as many of your favorite topics as you wish in your personalized topics selection. They appear in your rolling tab above the picture-centric feed and makes it easy and user-friendly to swipe between them and enjoy the news. It also gives you a clear view of your selected topics list.

4. Fresh news always available

SQUID provides you the latest and fresh news daily from the best sources on the web and allowing you to read it directly on the publishers’ website.

5. News from all over the globe

The App is available for free in Poland, Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands and Italy with an International version as well, allowing you to read the news in different countries and languages and taking part of local and International news sources. More countries will be launched in 2016.

6. Share your articles

Share the most interesting and engaging news with your friends through all social networks (e.g. Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.) and e-mail or sms.

7. Add your touch of ink

Personalize your favorite articles and share them privately with your friends. Press on the SQUID icon at the bottom of the screen and choose among our highlighting and creative tools to add your personal touch to the article. Underline, draw or write something to express yourself, or add one of our cute squid stickers to share how you feel.

SQUID is free to download.

Andy the Cat Stickers – Cute Animated Cat Stickers

No matter your opinion of stickers, it can be a headache to find all the best stickers available. The App Store has always been a chore, and somehow it’s now even worse. To make things easier for you, dear reader, here’s a one of the best stickers we’ve come across - Andy the Cat Stickers. Let’s see what the app is all about!

What is Andy the Cat Stickers all about?

Andy the Cat Stickers is a delightful and lovely cat sticker pack full of stickers of Andy the Cat doing cat things. Kevin Goodchild, the developer, modeled this wonderful iOS app on his rescue cat and designed it for both iPhone and iPad. Get ready to mix up your chats with friends and family and have your own hilarious cat sticker pack.

Cat Sticker Pack that’s too Cute to Resist

Andy the Cat is a cute black and white tabby who just can't stop doing cat things, from walking along the fence, to constantly meowing while you try to sleep. He loves a bowl of milk but he won't share it with his girlfriend. The app feature more than 10 fully animated stickers, with more to come in the future. Including smileys, angry and cute faces, the app will help you express yourself and chat with friends and family like never before. Just install it on your iDevice and start sharing these adorable cat stickers through iMessage with your loved ones – it’s that simple! Plus, the user interface is neatly designed and the cat is too cute to resist.

Download this amazing and unique sticker pack from the App Store today and join Andy in his endless cat adventures!

App Store Download Link: Andy the Cat Stickers

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Experience the new level of arcade shooting fun with Ultimate Panic Pins

Arcade games are one of the oldest genres in the history of gaming. The precise levels, pure and instinctive controls, and swiftly increasing difficulty are generally the core mechanics of arcade games. The arcade genre generally adds a lot of pressure and is very refreshing to play. These type of games are good for people who are looking for short yet challenging games. As all genres, arcade games can also help in mental stimulation and lead to better coordination.  Fortunately, there is a really huge number of them for you to choose from and that’s why to ease your choosing process we have compiled this review for one of our favorite arcade gaming pick that is available by the name, Ultimate Panic Pins.

What is Ultimate Panic Pins?

Ultimate Panic Pins is a newly developed game arcade gaming twist is based on a shooting theme. Basically, this game app is aimed to help you boost your memory power, mind accuracy, concentration and focusing skills.  In the game, what you will be doing is to shoot the stack the circles on the wheel. The controls of the game are quite simple and in order to shoot these circles onto the wheel, you will just tap the screen but with great precision.

From its appearances, it seems to be an easy game but in fact, it is yet so challenging in its gameplay. To make the gameplay interesting, it features two gaming modes, Mode S; where you will shoot circles onto the white space of rotating wheel and the second one is “Mode SS” where you will be stacking the circles onto the lines of the rotating wheel. Moreover, if you failed to shoot the circle onto the required area you gameplay will over and to move to the next level you will have to clear the previous one.

Currently, you can get this game on your Android platform device for FREE. Direct download link to this game app is given at the end of this review article.

Google Play Download Link: Ultimate Panic Pins

Bankable Celebrations - Keep In Touch With Your Loved Ones

Christmas is coming soon, but other than that there are still many more occasions and times in which you might need to send a card to someone. With the developments in technology, you might be more inclined to send electronic cards (more commonly known as e-cards) than a physical and traditional one. And e-cards have come a long way since they first appeared. With e-cards apps developed to give users the ability to send kind words to their friends and family with a swipe of their fingertips, staying in touch have never been easier.

Choose from variety of greeting cards

Bankable Celebrations is a e-card app developed for both Android and iOS which shines a new light on the almost forgotten practice of sending your congratulations, best wishes and thank you’s trough greeting cards. This app offers a great number of different amazing card designs for every occasion. Whether it is a wedding, birthday, some holiday, baby shower or else, Bankable Celebrations have all the cards one may need. Card messages vary from funny, cute and sweet to bold, sassy, trendy and more. 

Attach online gift cards & make it a perfect holiday or birthday present

With Bankable Celebrations you can personalize the card with your signature, a photograph or video message for that personal touch to show your friends you actually care.  Other than the musical, animated and the personalized cards with Bankable Celebrations you also get the option to send online gift cards. With a few simple finger swipes, attach an online gift card to the greeting card, and make it a perfect holiday or birthday gift for a loved one. Bankable Celebrations offers online gift cards from Starbucks, Target, Best Buy, iTunes and more.

We all know life gets busy sometimes, and it becomes hard to keep in touch with the ones we care about. That’s where apps like Bankable Celebration comes to the rescue. As simple as possible, within just a few minutes of your time you can send some love and appreciation to the people in your life. You can download Bankable Celebrations for free at both Google Play Store and the App Store.

Google Play Store download link: Bankable Celebrations

App Store download link: 
Bankable Celebrations

Official Website Link: Bankable Celebrations

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Game Review – Fruity Jump

If you want to play a game that will challenge your fast reactions while allowing you to have fun along the way then you should certainly choose an arcade game for your smartphone. Choosing the right arcade for your phone will offer you to enjoy one addictive gameplay that will challenge you and keep your attention each time you play. In order to help you, we did our research and we have one arcade that offers you endless fun – Fruity Jump. Let’s discuss it.

What is this game exactly?

Developed for android and IOS users, this arcade game with tapping gameplay is easy to play, suitable for every age, highly fun and addictive. Created by the students in the 8th grade of the Magnolia Science Academy in San Diego, the game offers amusing gameplay that will test the player’s fast tapping reactions. The players will enjoy the colorful design in the fruity world and the cool sound effects when they tap and jump. On the game players need to fulfill the task to beat the boss with jumping the fruits while keeping their attention every time they play.

Why do we love this game?

The Fruity Jump is allowing its players to have endless fun tapping and jumping while testing their reactions and skills in the world of jumping fruits. The game will test the player’s fast tapping reactions by giving him one task. All the player needs to do to beat the boss on this arcade is to tap on the screen to jump the fruits on the kitchen objects or to even tap twice to double jump the fruits. With staying longer in the game, tapping fast and avoiding all obstacles on the way, the player can beat the boss and win the game. With this tapping game, players will always have fun and enjoy jumping and tapping while winning the game if they are fast enough. The game is keeping players interested in the gameplay constantly, offering them the chance to win this fruity adventure.
Download this game on Google Play and App Store now for free.

Google Play Download Link: Fruity Jump

App Store Download Link: Fruity Jump

Magnolia Science Academy: Fruity Jump

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Try Out English Language Photocation for Interactive Learning of the English Grammar

Technology has brought interactivity and life to those content areas that were long reputed for being dull and boring. An example of this is grammar. Grammar instruction does not have to be a difficult and daunting task for students. But learning grammar is easier than ever now — with the right apps, of course. And they are not just for people learning English; they’re also good for those who already speak it. There are now many English grammar learning apps that can help learners develop strong grammatical skills and all while having fun.   
Comprehensive & efficient way for studying English grammar
English Language Photocation is an app developed for iOS which concentrates on making the learning of English grammar easier, more interactive and fun task for everyone who wants to improve their English language knowledge. It combines audio and visual learning for more effective understanding of the English grammar structure and rules. Every example is accompanied by professional voiceover and HD photograph to help the user more easily comprehend the meaning of the sentences and tenses.
What does English Language Photocation offer?
ELP is constructed in a way which presents all of the grammatical forms in separate sub-menus. Each sub-menu contains the grammatical structure, function, question formation and sentence or dialogue example accompanied with a HD photo and audio. This way users can learn visually by associating the photograph with the meaning of the example and audibly by listening the pronunciation of the short dialog examples.  The app also comes with some alternative languages for translations to help users fully understand the meaning of the examples. Aside from all of that, ELP also have an “imperative” sub-menu which promotes learning through movements and physical actions. This is a great way for learning by interacting with surrounding objects. The sub-menu requires of the user to perform actions like for example “stand between those two chairs”. This way the user can better understand the meaning of the sentences and tenses through practical implementation of the examples given by the app.
ELP is a great visual and audio tool for learning the English grammar. It’s a great tool for students, teachers or parents who want to teach their children proper grammar. The app have simple and intuitive user interface which makes it really user friendly and accessible to learners with different levels of English knowledge.
You can find and download English Language Photocation right now at the App Store. 

App Store download link: English Language Photocation
Official Website Link: English Language Photocation

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Mr. Intelligent – Your Favorite Apps Managed with One Single App

When people talk about personalization on mobile, the conversation is often focused around messaging. But, nowadays there are many apps that offer you more than this. With the right app, you can personalize your apps, calls, reminders and more, personalizing your smartphone by your own preference, getting the best from your phone. We did our research and we have the app that can help you do that. Let’s discuss about it.

What is this app exactly?

Developed for android users, easy to use, this personalization app is helping users to personalize their smartphones by preference, getting easier access to their favorite apps without much effort. With this highly helpful and practical app users can set their apps by choice, get notified about calls and tasks with letting this app learn the phone habits of the user. With the help of this practical app users are getting the best solutions for their phone habits, such as calls, apps, reminders and more with the app’s multiple categories. The app is completely secure and private, allowing user to get their phone experience on another level.

Why do we love this app?

Mr. Intelligent as a personalization app for the phone habits of the users, allowing them to get their fast and simple access to each app they use on their phone without any effort, simply and efficiently. The app will learn the phone habits that the user has, even allowing him to manually add apps on the list. With this app, users can also be reminded and keep track of where they parked their vehicle. Users can let the app learn the calling habits and remind him to make a specific call on the proper time. The app is offering multiple learning categories, offering the user to let the app learn each habit he has and wants help with such as getting reminders of upcoming tasks. On the app users can see all history and keep track of the previous activities made on the app like closed or opened apps and settings being changed. The app’s learned data can be backed up manually or automatically and the user can opened it whenever he needs or wants too. 

Download this app on Google Play now for free.

Google Play Download Link: Mr. Intelligent

Sunday, December 10, 2017

TalkToChef – Solution to Every Cooking Emergency

It can be really sad and heartbreaking when we figure out we do not have the skills for that complicated recipe we found on Pinterest. It looked so good, and we were completely sure we were going to impress everyone on that family gathering. And after that, all of our next culinary endeavors end up being just another pin on our Pinterest recipe board or a card in our recipe holder. But the time have come when all of those recipes may not have been collected for nothing. TalkToChef is an amazing app which come to the rescue, letting us connect with professional culinary chefs from all around the world to help us improve our cooking, save our disastrous dinners and help us pick up some new cooking skills along the way!

Consult with professional chefs from around the world

TalkToChef it’s an amazing new app, a face-to-face video service, connecting users directly to an expert who can help them with any kind of cooking emergency or culinary 911. No space for panic if you forgotten an ingredient for your complicated recipe, there is probably substitute for it. But you do not know it right? Now with the TalkToChef app you can connect with professional culinary chefs from all around the world who will help you find those missing ingredients or help you learn some new cooking skills! Connect with professional chefs and have all of your culinary questions answered in an instant.

TalkToChef’s cool & innovative features

The process of connecting to a professional is really simple. All one needs to do is press the hotline button, select a cuisine, cooking method and diet (there are many to choose from). From there the app will send a push notification to all chefs available relevant to your needs and then you are connected with one and you can start you video session. It’s a great way to consult when preparing meals for special occasions, learning a particular cooking skill or when you simply look for ideas how to cook something amazing with only the ingredients you have available in your fridge. At the end of your video chat you can rate the chef and give out a voluntary tip if you want to show appreciation for their time and efforts.

TalkToChef tries to revolutionize the cooking education. And with all of its features and what it offers, we can say it is pretty successful in this quest.

You can find and download TalkToChef at Google Play Store. Try it out a lets us know what you think!

Google Play Store download link: TalkToChef

neoDefense – Defend Your Sprout of New Life From Countless Invaders

iOS tower-defense games can be a fun way to pass the time and challenge your skills at strategy. The App Store is packed full of these games, in which you defend a stronghold from wave after wave of enemy attacks. You may be facing formidable forces of orcs, werewolves, zombies, trolls or toy soldiers. Defensive structures range from archery towers to cannons and missile launchers. Regardless of the theme of the game, the goal is consistent throughout the tower defense category: wipe out the enemy before they overtake your position. So today we picked one of our favorites in this category – neoDefense.

What is neoDefense?

neoDefense is an extraordinary tower defense game packed with multiple missions and huge challenges, set in a core of new life invaded by countless creeps. Created with unique design and an amazing soundtrack, this game provides with a great gaming experience to any iOS user that wants something new and exciting.

Build Your Tower & Defend It from the Enemies

The main objective in neoDefense is to build a tower and defend it from dangerous invaders. Like we said, the gameplay is set in the new age world, where you have to build your own fortresses and to defeat and destroy your enemies. It demands your defense tactics and strategies, and your fighting skills to be at the top of your game to prove your supremacy. Build your fortress any way you wish, upgrade your weapons and fight against Build your fortress any way you wish, upgrade weapons. Make high scores, complete as many missions as you can and be patient because more cool features are coming!

Enjoy epic battles, immerse yourself in mass destruction and use smart defense strategy to dominate your enemies. Get neoDefense today – it’s available on the App Store. Just click the link below and let the invasion begin!

App Store Download Link: neoDefense

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Perfect Bubble Breaker Weed Bubble Shooter Game is Excellent for Cannabis & Hush Fans

Puzzle games, just like every other genre, are sharing in the mobile gaming boom. Touchscreen controls are ideal for intuitive control of puzzle elements, and short, sharp mental challenges are perfect for gaming on the go. From abstract games and physics puzzles to murder mysteries and more, check out our pick from 20 challenging puzzle games that you can enjoy anywhere.

Amazing marihuana puzzle game

Here we have a great surprise for all of you hardcore fans of great puzzles but this proposal will be of special value if you’re already and a fan of cannabis and hush and if you’re supporting the legalization movement over the world. Namely, we want to introduce you to Weed Bubble Shooter  cannabis games puzzle that will mesmerize you with the lovely weed stoner raccoon that plunks everywhere in order to find amnesia haze to save his friends to make legalize freedom on Jamaica.

The game features

The game abounds with many hemp levels, powerful hemp booster, illegal stoner rastaman abilities, plank weed leaf and worships the narcotic humor of marijuana. We want to warn you that it’s quite easy to fall in hours of addictive and exciting gameplay but also we must emphasize that your boredom will disappear instantly.
As we say this game is perfect for cannabis and hush fans but we also must emphasize that the game doesn’t encourage using any kind of narcotics, it’s just for the sake of good entertainment.

Free to play

The Weed Bubble Shooter marihuana puzzle game app is available for free downloading on Google Play Store and App Store so if we successfully make you interested in this game here are the links to get it. Enjoy the journey of the stoner raccoon and his mission to free the cannabis use as on Jamaica. Share your experience with us!

Google Play Download Link: Weed Bubble Shooter

App Store Download Link: Weed Bubble Shooter 

Improve Your Tennis with Central Court

The fast progress of mobile technology has given us many luxuries throughout the years that have made our lives so much simpler and convenient, coining a phrase that will remain with us for years to come – “Uh, there’s an app for that”.  When it comes to tennis, the app markets are full of useful apps that will make even the pickiest of fans, players and tennis enthusiasts happy, each bringing their own unique dose of and giving you a rightful set of tools that appeal to your tennis passion. One of these apps is Central Court!

Track your stats & improve with Central Court

This app will track and record all of your tennis matches, results and statistics. All you need to do is start the application at the beginning of the match and put some additional information at the end of the match before closing the application. Central Court will save your results and stats and upload them to the cloud so you can access them whenever you need them. Your tennis stats will come handy if you want to improve your play. You can use this app to analyze your performance statistics and improve your tennis. The app will keep a history of your match results with your rivals in a Head2Head style and will keep all of the statistics of your tennis matches in singles and doubles to analyze and improve your performance in a simple and efficient way.

Socialize, stay in touch & compete with other tennis players

Central Court doubles as a social network for tennis players, no matter if pro or beginner. You can follow your tennis friends and rivals, club buddies or follow professional tennis players. See their match stats and scores, and like or comment on their activities and photos.  On your Central Court profile you can upload pictures from your best tennis moments and share them with your tennis friends and colleagues. You can easily share them on other social media (match results and stats also) like your Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts. 

Other than that Central Court also promotes friendly competition with a personalized tennis ranking, to compete in with your friends and rivals.

Central Court is the perfect mash of sports and social app for every tennis player! No matter if you are a beginner or experienced tennis player, Central Court is the perfect app to better your tennis experience. You can find and download it at Google Play Store or the App Store.

Google Play Store download link: Central Court

App Store download link: 
Central Court

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Nufie – Find Activities & New Friends in Your Area – Nufie

If you are looking for a way to share your favorite activities with friends or even new people, why not use an app to help you? Finding the right social networking app for these purposes can help you easily create activities and even find activities based on your taste, and more than that, with this type of app you can meet new friends to share similar interests. In order to help you, we did our research and we have the app that can help you. Let’s discuss about it.

What is this app exactly?

Developed for IOS users, this social networking app is easy to use, simple created and suitable for anyone that looks for people that share the same interests as them. With the help of this entertaining app, users can find and meet new people from their area, create activities or explore activities posted by others while finding friends with similar interests. The app allows users to become co-creators of this universe and pioneers, inviting their friends, sharing interests with people and finding new people that have the same taste for activities as them.

Why do we love this app?

Nufie is easily and quickly helping users explore this app with finding the right activities and people. Users on this app can create their own activities and share them with other users. Also, all users can explore the app and find activities posted by other users that match their taste. The app can certainly help people meet new people from their area with similar interests, easily and quickly, without much effort. Users can decide if they want to make their activities public or private, choosing the users they want to share with and even users can decide the number of users that are allowed to attend their activities.

This app is offering users to translate the activities on their own language too. With this app users will constantly keeping track of the activities being posted, getting fresh notifications each time a user creates an activity that matches his interest. The app will certainly help users connect with people that like the same things as them. Download this app on App Store now for free.

Official Website: Nufie

App Store Download Link: Nufie

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Spelling Stage – Amazing Spelling App for Users over the Age of 4

Your child's education doesn't have to stop after school. So why not use an app on your smartphone to help you educate your kid while keeping him interested in the process with engaging and entertaining games? If you want to help your kid learn to spell properly you certainly should use an app that offers fun challenges with awards, helping your kid develop his spelling skills. We did our research and we found the right spelling app for this. Let’s talk about this helpful app.

What is this app exactly?

Developed for IOS users, this education app is highly challenging and entertaining, offering its users to easily learn to spell through fun games, awards and competitions. Suitable for people over the age of 4, this app allows users to enjoy many hours of spelling games, helping them to learn without much effort. The challenging spelling sessions allow the users to learn or help others learn to spell, letting him to challenge his friends and family into contests. On the app, users will certainly enjoy the amazing narrations as the fun characters for playing.

Why do we love this app?

The Spelling Stage is offering all its users to play in 3 unique competitions from the kindergarten competition to the national champion competition. Using this amazing app can help users to easily, without much effort learn to spell in one unique and fun way. The users can use the app to join contests from the whole world and collect many awards for their achievements. Also, on the app users can customize their character by preference or more special, to use their own photo for the customization.

The 3D touch feature on the app is allowing users to launch multiple characters that can help them beat the clock when they are competing. In this spelling community users are able to create and share contests, invite people and compete with them. Also, this app is a great choice for ELS students. With the help of this app users will certainly learn to spell and have endless fun with many awards for their spelling skills in this engaging process of learning full with spelling challenges.

Download this app on App Store now for free.

App Store Download Link: Spelling Stage

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