Monday, November 27, 2017

Social App of the Month – Selfie Star

Whether you want to find new friends in your area or from all around the world, or to meet up with new dates, we have the right app for you. Selfie Star is a free Android app that helps you do all of this! We loved it so much that we decided to share it with you again as our Social App of the Month. Read why below!
Find your soulmate & make some money at the same time

Selfie Star is an Android social and dating app that will give you a chance to meet, chat and get to know the people around you, or wherever in the world and at the same time earn some extra cash while doing all of that. With these app you’ll be able to share your selfies and other photos on your profile and collect likes and stars. After you collect a set amount, the stars can be converted into real money. Fun way to earn some extra cash while meeting people and making friends.
Selfie Star best features

Aside of the stars feature, Selfie Star have many other features that makes it worthy of trying out. It has special option to find people and dates who are in your near vicinity. You can upload photos from your gallery, Facebook, Dropbox or Instagram account. The Activity Center makes it extremely easy to track who commented on, liked or gave stars to your photos. It can also sort activities by likes, comments, stars or visitors. If you opt for the premium version of the app you also get the option to check your profile latest visitors. 

All in all, Selfie Star is fun, enjoyable way to meet people and score some dates. The app is extremely easy to operate and use, so go to Google Play Store right now and check it out.

Google Play Store download link: Selfie Star