Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Ready For a Challenge? Try Colors XYZ!

Puzzle games are a great way to kill time and exercise your brain in one fell swoop. They challenge you to think strategically, plan ahead and force you to use your reflexes. But with so many puzzle games floating around on the App Store it can be hard to choose the right game to tickle your brain. So after days of research, here we are giving you our pick of the bunch, Colors XYZ!

What does Colors XYZ offers?

Colors XYZ has a set of four different game modes, Infinite, Bomb, Waterfall and Sort, each with different objective required in order for you to stay alive and earn points. The infinite mode requires you to tap the correct colored dots before they fade away in order to stay alive as long as possible, the bomb mode requires the same with the added challenge of avoiding the bombs and collecting the stars that help you progress to the next levels, Waterfall have dots falling down the screen, and you need to be quick and precise, tapping the correct colored dots the ones that match with the color of the banner and sort mode, where you sort the falling dots by color so they fall into the correct bucket at the bottom of the screen. Every mode becomes harder and more challenging as time progress.

Standout Features

From the four modes to choose from, to the 32 different reward themes and the endless amount of levels and fun, Colors XYZ is a perfect combination of simple gameplay with great design. Colorful and engaging it keeps you interested and going for those high scores, improving your focus and reflex skills along the way.

Join in on the fun and improve your brain power starting today, download Colors XYZ for free at the App Store right now!

App Store Download link: Colors XYZ