Monday, November 20, 2017

Prove your bike riding skills behind the wheels of a motorbike with Hit and Run

Playing bike racing games on Android mobile phone is really exciting one. Whether it is a PC or Smartphone, playing the Racing Game is a really fun and Entertainment. We all are game lovers and are crazy about playing the bike racing games. Nowadays there are many Bike Racing games available on play store but many of them are not so cool as their names. So we have compiled a review for a new game app “Hit and Run” that you will love to try.

What is Hit and Run?

Hit and Run is a wonderful bike racing game with stunning virtual reality-based graphics that are going to give you a more reality-based bike racing experience.  Enjoy the thrilling bike race competition, as fast as possible the speed of driving and racing, becoming the world’s best bike driver! Ride your bike, drive on endless busy roads and highways, and complete the challenges.  Compete by driving different bikes to beat your opponents and be the best bike rider in the town.

Just choose your driver and bike from the garage, put your helmet, equip your protection, get into the quick racing competition, with real physics, and closed to reality collision effects. Moreover, you can also customize your bikes for better speed. Forget those dumb drag car-racing games. As they say no pain, no gain! So, start practicing right now to become a pro bike racer and rule them all.

Get your copy of the game today on your Android platform devices for FREE. Direct download link to this game app is given at the end of this review article.

Google Play Download Link: Hit and Run