Sunday, November 5, 2017

Manage your worthy time in a best possible way with WhenDidI Lite – Event Tracker

No matter who you are, time is an incredibly important commodity. We’re all allotted the same amount of time – 86,400 seconds every day – and it’s up to us how we spend that time. Do you feel like you waste your day away, not knowing where all of your minutes go by the time your head hits your pillow? If so, you aren’t the only one. Event tracking is the best way to improve the productivity of your business. If you are currently in the process of finding the perfect Event tracking app for Android, we’ve compiled this review for an app for the same purpose. We are talking about, WhenDidI Lite – Event Tracker.

What is WhenDidI Lite – Event Tracker?

WhenDidI Lite – Event Tracker is your smart daily event tracker app that allows you to record and track your daily routine so that you feel more productive. WhenDidI Lite – Event Tracker comes up with widget support, notification systems along with the backup support to save your daily activities data to either your SD card or Dropbox account. the app offers a complete set of tools that help you to easily manage and analyze your daily events. The interface is quite clean and you don’t need any prior knowledge to use this app.

The best thing about this app is that it is fully customizable so that you can configure it based on your needs. You can manually create your events, measure quantities, input prices or if you are a freelancer, it brings a counter to help you track your work hours. To make the analysis of your events easy it brings well-defined statistics features where you can track all the data in the form of graphs and charts. Moreover, you can also add important notes to your events and its notification system is another great feature to remind you about the upcoming events.

WhenDidI Lite – Event Tracker can be more convenient than a calendar for routine tasks, so if you want to bring more productivity to your life grab a copy of this app free for your Android from the direct download link given below.

Google Play Download Link: WhenDidI Lite – Event Tracker