Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Fun & Educational - English Alphabet For Kids Learning Free

One thing is indisputably clear- kids learn from media, and the fact that they now have 24/7 access to screens nearly everywhere and anywhere means they’re learning more than ever. So what are they’re watching or doing on those screens really matters. We bring you English Alphabet For Kids Learning Free as a way to turn your children screen time into an educative process!

What is English Alphabet For Kids Learning Free?

English Alphabet For Kids Learning Free is an app developed for Android, that will introduce your young children brain to the English alphabet in an effective, fun and interactive way!
Although the concept of learning through tracing, recognition and matching is not new, this app utilizes it to its maximum with beautiful design, great user interface and HD colorful graphics. It has wonderful pictures to help with memorizing the definitions, super-fun stickers, prizes and gifts to motivate the kids while playing and learning

What does it offer us?

English Alphabet For Kids Learning Free is appropriate for all toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners and is designed with adult participation in mind. It is highly entertaining ABC learning and phonics app that will make alphabet reading and learning fun for the kids. They will learn the letters by tracing their shape on the screen or matching the given phonic to the appropriate letter. With it’s adorable pictures and HD graphics it will keep their mind engaged and concentrated on the learning. 

The Teacher Mode is really great option that gives the parent report cards so they can see how their young ones progress while also giving the option to toggle the tracing and phonic games to better suit their child.

English Alphabet For Kids Learning Free is one amazing application that comes free of ads and in – app purchases, all that completely for free!

So download it today to help your kid learn the English alphabet in enjoyable and fun way! Find it at Google play Store right now!