Monday, November 20, 2017

Control & Analyse Your Facebook Account – Friends Interactions 4 Facebook

Nowadays, the Internet mostly is used for our social media accounts, for posting or for following other people posts. However, controlling your social media account is not an easy job and because of that you need a tool that can help you control the interactions on your account without much effort. So, we looked and discovered and app that is highly efficient and can help you control your Facebook account interactions – Friends Interactions 4 Facebook.  

What is Friends Interactions 4 Facebook all about?
Friends Interactions 4 Facebook as a social networking app is especially created for all users that own a Facebook account and want to control it as the posts they made and the friend interactions they have on that account. The facebook analyser app is easy for using, highly efficient and helpful; allowing its users to keep track of their social media interactions with complete details of their account. Developed for android and IOS users, the app offers easy control of Facebook account with details as friend interactions, posts, likes and comments, and much more.

Standout Features
Using this simple and yet very efficient tool for Facebook accounts, users can use the app for generating the most entertaining reports and tracking their social media accounts with information about each post, like and comment on posts, as their friends and follower interactions. Each user on the app can track every post they want to, with the exact date and time of the post created. On this app, not only that the user can track their account on Facebook, but also is getting full access of his account with complete statistics for the posts created and the people that interacted on those posts. Also, the app has a premium membership and users can upgrade on it, getting full list of entertaining reports of their account. Tracking and following friendship interactions, friends and followers, posts, likes and comments are offered to users with complete safety and privacy while doing it. Constant updates and notifications are given to the user, keeping him informed about his Facebook account.

Download the app now on Google Play and App Store for free.

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