Thursday, November 23, 2017

Bit Bullet – Blow Up & Crush Hordes of Enemies

Glorious, full-on, ass-kicking action; these are the games you go to when you want badass heroes, big guns, chases, explosions and narrow scrapes – the sort of games that get your heartbeat racing and your stomach in a knot. Nothing beats a big action game for spectacle, excitement or blockbuster thrills, or for tests of skill and daring, yet it’s a genre that covers everything from mindless blasters to epic adventures to dazzling visions of slice-and-dice swordplay. If you’re looking for a new game to try out on your PC, check out our today’s recommendation.

What is Bit Bullet?

Meet Bit Bullet, a thrilling single player top-down shooter for veteran players and beginners alike. This challenging and addictive Indie action game is developed by GrowFall Studios and powered by Steam. We’ve played it, loved it and read multiple customers’ reviews that completely agree with us – it is a classic “time killer” in a modern setting will pull you in and keep you hooked. Let’s talk more about the game’s features.

Game Features

Whether you want to have fun by shooting down complicated enemies or to immerse in escalating difficulty levels, Bit Bullet is the right game for you. Your main goal is to use various weapons and skills in order to blow up and crush hordes of enemies, that is if you want to progress and win more levels. On each level, you'll face endless hordes of enemies and waves of robots that make your mission of clearing the level incredibly difficult. Show your best shooting skills, collect items and gain powerful skills to extend your life span and to diversify your means of survival when facing waves of enemies. Moreover, Bit Bullet is designed with vivid HD graphics (on Unreal Engine 4) and realistic physics of explosions and destruction, engaging soundtrack and sounds that enhance any player’s experience.

The dynamic gameplay won’t let you get bored, so we can conclude that Bit Bullet is probably the next title you should add to your Steam Library. Buy it today from the following link and enjoy another fun game in the shooter genre.

Steam Download Link: Bit Bullet