Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Racing Game of the Week - Traffic Racer 2017

Reviewed few days ago by our staff, Traffic Racer 2017 is still one of the most played games in our office. Because of that, and since it is a really cool traffic racer game, we decided to pronounce it as our Racing Game of the Week. Be sure to find more about it and check it out.

What is Traffic Racer 2017?

Traffic Racer 2017 is the racing game that will make you feel like never quitting it and keep defeating everyone else, and that is just because of its wide range features, which it offers to make this racing battle even more thrilling for you. Traffic Racer 2017 brings you the real-time nitro filled racing where you will be competing against a crowded city and build your career as the best driver in the town.

Why we loved it?

· Real physics

· Stunning 3D graphics

· Smooth and realistic car handling

· Awesome Expensive cars to choose from

· 4 detailed environments: City, Island, Rain, Snow and Desert

· Rich types of NPC traffic including trucks, buses, and SUVs.

· Exclusive Customization

· Avoid Traffic Vehicles Buses, Trucks, and Cars

· Awesome music

So what else do you want this is the one that can fill up your thirst for the need of speed. Download it free for your Android from the link below.

Google Play Download Link: Traffic Racer 2017