Sunday, October 15, 2017

Jelly Monsters – Many Fun Match 3 Puzzles

Puzzle games are certainly one of the most interesting and addictive genre of the mobile games. They offer us one challenging and yet fun gameplay, keeping our brain sharp. But, finding a puzzle that offers us these characteristics in one game is hard. For that reason, we searched and found one challenging puzzle with entertaining match 3 gameplay – Jelly Monsters. Let's talk about this awesome puzzle game.

What is this game exactly?

A puzzle match 3 game with exciting and fun gameplay that will challenge the players to think harder and faster solving the puzzles. Developed on IOS and android platform, the game offers its players a high-quality colorful design with fun sound effects every time the player is solving the puzzles. With this game, the player gets to enjoy one exciting and fun world of adventures with cool jelly monsters, solving puzzles and matching monsters.

Why do we love this game?

With Jelly Monsters, the player is challenging his brain to solve many puzzles with matching the right monsters in the jelly world. The game is highly addictive and fun, keeping the player interested in the gameplay. The player has one simple task, to swap and match 3 jelly monsters, removing them from the board. On every level the player needs to collect items and complete missions to get high scores and progress in levels. On the game, there are more than 240 different levels with many different puzzles for solving and many power-ups and boosters for unlocking. The players with the highest scores will get 3 stars on the level they have completed.

Download this game on Google Play and App Store now for free.

Google Play Download Link: Jelly Monsters

App Store Download Link: Jelly Monsters