Sunday, October 29, 2017

Hold on your smartphones to start a new brain twisting puzzle adventure with Midas’ Odyssey (puzzle set)

Games in all forms and of all types can be extremely fun and some very rewarding. Perhaps none feels more rewarding than puzzle games, which task you with solving brain-teasing, mind-bending enigmas that every so often prove to be a little more challenging than you thought they would. If puzzle games are your forte, here’s what we have got for you is a review a game app of the same kind that is available by the name, Midas’ Odyssey (puzzle set).

What is Midas’ Odyssey (puzzle set)?

Midas’ Odyssey (puzzle set) is a new puzzling tonic developed for your iOS devices that brings you the chance to know about the life story legendary King Midas and his curse that was his divine ability to turn everything into gold after a touch of his hands. It was the thing that has snatched the prosperity of his life.  This amazing game app covers the whole story of his life and illustrates these with the help of 1000 beautiful puzzles that need different strategies to be solved and that’s how you can reveal about his life.

The game is themed in a beautiful ancient world graphics with superb special effects and background sounds that will keep you engaged for hours. In every level, these would be always a new surprise hidden for you and every level brings a new set of challenges to offers the best exercise for your brain and enhances your strategic thinking. These 1000 levels are arranged through a beautiful path leading through the cool mountainous environment and to you have to clear the previous puzzle in order to start a new one.

Currently, you can get this game free for your iOS OS devices, simply by tapping the direct download link given at the end of this review article.

App Store Download Link: Midas’ Odyssey (puzzle set)