Monday, October 2, 2017

GoTalent, Find Out if Your Personality Fit Your Career

It’s not easy to assess someone’s personality strengths and weaknesses in-order to find out if they would fit the job you might be seeking to employ them for. This is why sometimes help is needed and that comes in the form of an iOS and Android app call GoTalent. You install the app and send invites to the potential employees. They then also download and complete the questions, you will then see the test results in your app for you to review.

GoTalent gives you the insight into a potential employee’s personality traits and this is done in under 12 minutes through a few psychometric questions. For any employer, this will be key in helping you to make the right decision when it comes to selecting candidates for interview. The app has been developed by psychologists and questions are based on science. The app consists of 17 personality traits, there are 32 questions and last for approximately 10-12 minutes. There’s no time limit on answering the questions, you can stop at any point and pick up where you left off. Every recruiter knows that discovering someone’s personality is key in performance in a job. It’s not always about having a degree or pass experience.

How it Works

Whether you’re a recruiter or a candidate, GoTalent is easy to set up and intuitive to use. Just download signup using email and begin.

Simply input the names and email addresses of applicants you want to test and the app does the rest by automatically sending out the invites to candidates.

Candidates install the app on their own device and answer a series of psychometric multiple choice questions to generate an assessment profile.

When each candidate completes the psychometric questionnaire, you automatically receive the full personality profile broken down into a range of insightful categories. You will also get the results on a graph to easily see how the candidates stands up against each other.

The app results is detail and easily to understand. For free you can evaluate candidates who you would like to employ. Using the app, you will surely eliminate a long process of going through a large number of candidates depending on the job. Grab it have ago and let us know what you think.