Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Enjoy the most addictive tower defense gaming experience with Smoggle Smash

Tower defense games have undergone a renaissance with the rise of mobile gaming. A genre that was once the domain of PC-gaming, is now a true staple among smartphones and tablets. There are many of tower defense games available for your devices and in fact, if you search for tower defense in the game’s store you might be overwhelmed with the number of choices. So to aide your quest to find a great tower defense game, we have selected best tower defense game that is available by the name, Smoggle Smash.

What is Smoggle Smash?

Smoggle Smash is a hybrid tower defense with tapper component, where players gain glory by ridding their parks of the smoggle invasion. Whenever you will be playing this amazing game, you will find yourself, conserving the real world into smash parks. The game features dozens of lands to help you grow your territories and their tons of other surprises hidden in the game. moreover, with each level, the power of these nasty smuggles with increases thus requiring you to use upgraded defenses to defend their attacks. There are about six leagues, different trophies, and five different parks with the scenic environment.

Defend the area you control, earn some experience points, unlock the more devastating tools like different towers, to make your gameplay better against the smoggles. In addition, you are given some rewards after a victory and you can use them for upgrading your buildings. Plan your territory using your best strategies and make these smoggles helpless to cross your boundary.

Don’t miss a chance to install Smoggle Smash on your iOS platform devices as it is free to install, ready the troops, load the cannons and hit them with everything you’ve got! To victory!

App Store Download Link: Smoggle Smash