Sunday, October 8, 2017

Daily Yum – Your Own Recipe Book

With there being apps for almost everything these days, it is no surprise that there are apps out there to record, search and manage recipes. Whether you are an experienced cook looking to craft your next masterpiece, or a novice just trying to cook something without destroying it, there is a recipe and cooking app that is perfect for you. Google Play is loaded with dozens of different recipe and cooking apps, so how do you choose which one to download and trust? While tastes in apps differ, this article will aim to name one of the best recipes apps for making easy meals.

What is Daily Yum?

We present to you our new favorite food recipe app, called Daily Yum. This amazing cook book is released on the Android platform by Serious Aces, designed with smooth user interface and filled with daily easy recipes from all over the world. Let’s see what it has to offer!

Standout Features

Whether you want to cook easy meals or to get new innovative cooking ideas from other people, this app is perfect for you. Daily Yum lets you view and share cooking ideas with users from all across the globe. Plus, everything is organized in categories! Just choose a category, tap on a recipe, view food photos and ingredients and follow its instructions. You can also add any recipe you like to Favorites and create Shopping lists by adding the needed ingredients. Browse delicious and easy-ti-make meals and let the app tailor your search to fit your specific needs.

If you want to make your cooking simple and get tasty recipes every day, get Daily Yum from Google Play – it’s totally free for download!

Google Play Download Link: Daily Yum