Thursday, October 19, 2017

Business App of the Month - Business Reviews Hub

Whether you have a website or you own a business, having reviews or testimonials can help make your business more credible, trustworthy and will hopefully convince people to get services from you instead of your competitors. Thus, today we’ve reviewed an amazing app that can help you get customer reviews and feedback, instantly! The app is called Business Reviews Hub, and it is our Business App of the Month for a reason. Read on and find out why.

What is Business Reviews Hub all about?

Business Reviews Hub is a great and useful business app, suitable for both Android and iOS devices. It helps businesses collect feedback from their customers and boosts their positive online presence. It is super-simple, neat and user-friendly, with a wide range of unique features.

App Highlights

We loved everything about this business tool. With it, you can get instant 5-star reviews and website feedback, because nothing says trustworthy like a 5-star review from a real-life, satisfied customer. The app has an integrated pre-screening method, meaning if the review is positive, it will direct them to your page to leave a review, and if negative, it will direct them to send feedback to your company email. It works pretty simple: your customer receives a text message from the app, thanking them for using your amazing local company and asking for a positive review, as well as providing links to your company web page. Once your customer is on your company’s page, they can choose which popular review site they want to leave their review on. Then you will get an instant, positive feedback from your customers.

With neat dashboard, employee portal, detailed business review information and instant messaging system, Business Reviews Hub can be downloaded for free from one of the following links.

Official Website Link: Business Reviews Hub

App Store Download Link: Business Reviews Hub

Google Play Download Link: Business Reviews Hub