Thursday, October 5, 2017

Arcade Game of the Week – Mayor Husein: Battle on Sky

Man's greatest dream, other than the one about being chased through a field of dancing spoons by a lobster in a top hat, is surely the dream of flight. But what about flying and shooting enemies? Get ready to play one of the best arcade jet shooters of all time - Mayor Husein: Battle on Sky. We at Hightechholic loved this game so much that we decided to make it our Arcade Game of the Week.

What is Mayor Husein: Battle on Sky?

This is one of the most exciting jet shooting games we’ve played on our Android devices. It is created for this platform by Game Lokal Indonesia, designed with wonderful backgrounds, fun characters and catchy sounds. The gameplay is addictive and can be enjoyed on both phones and tablets.

Standout Features

In this awesome war game, you’re playing with a cool character named Mayor Husein. He is one of the greatest Indonesians heroes and he is on a mission to bring peace to the world and save it from the dangerous enemies with his jet flying and fighting skills. Your main objective is to take part in battles and fight the enemies until you win. The game features multiple types of jets, so choose the one you like the most and shoot down every enemy on your way in order to win ranks and to save the innocent people. Make higher scores, be careful of your HP and become the ultimate jet shooter hero that’s going to make the world a peaceful place again.

Download this exciting endless arcade shooter now and have hours of fun – it is free of charge on Google Play!

Google Play Download Link: Mayor Husein: Battle on Sky