Monday, October 30, 2017

Applicalls – Record Your Calls & Transcribe Them into Text

Having an important conversation while knowing that you’ll probably forget it all when the call ends? Discussing ideas that will be lost just because you don’t have a pen and paper? Or maybe wanting proof that someone did say something to you? All of these and any more situations always seem to require a call recorder. With the right app you can record calls and even transcribe them into texts, reading them anytime you want to. We have for you the right app for this purpose – Applicalls.

What is this app exactly?

Using this business app which is developed on android platform, users can make their daily tasks more productive with recording important calls and transcribing the call recordings to texts. With the app, users can easily record calls, transcribe the recordings into texts, and save the texts, reading them anytime and anywhere they need to. The app is easy for using, simply created to help users save important calls as texts on their phone as long as they want to.

Why do we love this app?

The Applicalls allows users to easily record calls without any interruption, saving them into a secret place where only the users can find them and download them anytime they want to. The app is highly effortless allowing users to record as many calls as they need to, fast and simple. The app is saving the conversations, allowing the user to choose to keep them or delete them, completely private and secured always. With the app, the user can use the search bar which is highly intuitive to search for any specific text he converted. After the system gets to know the user, is giving him an insight, automatically giving him suggestions. Also, the app supports more than 100 languages.

Download the app on Google Play now for free.

Google Play Download Link: Applicalls