Friday, October 13, 2017

App Review – GrahamMe

With the cost of education spiraling out of control, the scholarship game has become more competitive than ever. "You need to make sure you do everything—and I mean everything—to keep the cost of college down," said scholarship expert and bestselling author Mark Kantrowitz. Here is one great way to increase your chances of winning a scholarship, an incredible app called GrahamMe.

What is GrahamMe?

GrahamMe is a free iOS app that revolutionizes the way people earn college scholarships. This innovative app helps users from all over the world to get rid of student loan debts by letting them participate in challenging and fun competitions. Get ready to play and to earn a scholarship for you or for your friends and family once in every 15 days.

How to play & win?

This scholarship giveaway tool provides all eligible users a chance to earn the scholarship token after score reset deadline. A user's rank is based on their rating and points. To be a part of the voting, you have to submit a Graham (a gift) Then, 5 random players will view the Graham you submitted, give it a rating, and create a phrase (their thoughts) that best describes a scenario for that Graham. Then, read other user's thoughts once they arrive in your package of phrases and pick one that best fits. When the challenge is over, if the combined rating of both gif and phrase is a 9 or higher, they will go to the Top Challenge and Graham Lounge and have the chance to earn a scholarship. Also, instead of submitting gifts, you can submit phrases, yourself rated and have a chance to earn a scholarship.

GrahamMe is the place where people come to have fun and win college scholarship, so if you want to be a part of this community, get the app for free from the App Store now.

App Store Download Link: GrahamMe