Thursday, September 14, 2017

Vote Fun – Let People Vote in Your Awesome Charts

Everybody knows how hard and exhausting can be to draw some charts but how about making them directly with your mobile device from anywhere? That’s right, developers have created special apps to simplify your life by cutting all the extra time that implied creating these drawings. With the right app you can create charts by your own preference and even share them with people. We have for you one highly efficient app for this purpose. Let's see what this app has to offer you.

What is this app exactly?

This social app is very practical and highly helpful and it is developed on android and IOS platform as an efficient tool for creating poll charts fast and easy, by the user's own preference. On the app the users are able to create their charts, share those charts with the public or friends and let people vote in their poll.  The app allows users to see other people charts, offering them to vote in those charts if they want to. The app is giving users the fastest and simplest solution for creating charts and find interesting charts.

Why do we love this app?

Vote Fun is offering the users to create awesome poll charts by their own taste and to share those charts, letting people vote in. Every time someone votes in the user's chart, the app is notifying the user. Users can choose titles on their charts, the type, the background of their charts, the options for voting in the chart and amount of options given. The users can decide with who they want to share their chart, the app is offering complete security and privacy.

Also, the users can vote in charts of other people, no matter if the chart is of a friend or the public, getting details, how many people voted in that chart. Users are able to see and follow charts of friends or interesting public charts. On the menu of this app, users can quickly find charts they created, followed charts, charts of friends, and the most popular public charts.

Download the app on Google Play and App Store now for free.

Google Play Download Link: Vote Fun

App Store Download Link: Vote Fun