Monday, September 25, 2017

Travel App of the Week - Halal Advisor

Looking for a new place to eat in a new town, or want to try a Halal cuisine and don't know where to go? Regardless of the mobile OS you have on your device, there are plenty of apps that can help you find a new place to eat that you'll actually enjoy, but we took a look at one of those apps, based on our likings and customers’ ratings and reviews, called Halal Advisor.

What is Halal Advisor?

Halal Advisor is a helpful Halal guide to local and global places, such as restaurants, hotels, cafes, butcheries, etc. Now available on both Android and iOS platform, this cool travel tool is perfect for users that are looking for Halal place and for place owners that want to offer their services to new customers.

Why do we like it so much?

Featuring tons of useful options and functionalities, the Halal Advisor app tailors its results to your own taste. All you have to do is login or register and then browse a Halal place by name or by cuisine type from your own position or for a given city. With it, you’ll be able to use a map for viewing locations, to add places to your Favorites, to write your own reviews, to read useful information, such as addresses, descriptions, schedules, menus, photos of the place, reviews, ratings, etc.

Find great Halal places to eat and to stay, download Halal Advisor for free now from the App Store or from Google Play and enjoy.

App Store Download Link: Halal Advisor

Google Play Download Link: Halal Advisor