Wednesday, September 6, 2017

SwapMe – Amazing Face Swapping App

While 2015 was all about the selfies, 2017, well, is still all about the selfies, but with a slight twist. It seems a picture of your own face just isn’t enough anymore, and it’s hardly surprising: the selfie craze has snowballed out of control, with every Tom, Dick or Harry snapping away at any given opportunity. It was only a matter of time before people got bored, and it seems they’ve already gone and found something new. The latest craze involves swapping your selfie face with someone or something else's selfie face, depending on what your camera decides is a face.

With the craze spreading quickly online, developers have jumped into the fray to provide us with numerous tools, so you can get in on the face swap fun on Android, iOS and Windows. The good news is most of them are free. Here is one of our favorite apps so far.

What is SwapMe?

SwapMe is a face swapping app available for all iOS users that want to photo-realistically swap faces. Providing them with 100% automatic face swapping that can preserve the user’s face expressions, the app is definitely one of a kind! It has a high-quality design and graphics which are satisfying users’ taste and giving them entertaining face swapping experience.

Standout Features

Adapting the light on the target face for swapping, blending the user’s face realistically on the photo, SwapMe offers endless face swapping fun. It gives the users app designs that offer low and high fidelity of wire framing. All assets for the app are designed completely. Especially created with code of app interaction and logic, this app offers the user quality face swapping experience. The app is tested and guarantees users various types of interaction to select faces for change and target the face. The app developed and algorithm that can estimate if the faces for swapping would swap realistically or that it is not possible. Also, the app can use third party libraries like OpenCV, DBCamera, and GUIImage.

Note that Faciometrics are being bought from Facebook, but either way, you can download this cool app for free from the App Store.

App Store Download Link: SwapMe