Saturday, September 9, 2017

Social App of the Month - What’s Poppin

All of us want to have a vibrant, joyful and relaxing night out. The reason for dull night outs in most cases is that we don’t find fun ways to spend them. We don’t have a clue about the possibilities around the corner. If you want to find local and nearby events, but in the same time to know everything you need about those events and places before you even go out, check out What’s Poppin – our Social App of the Month!

What is Whats Poppin?

Whats Poppin app is a great way to find events happening in your local area, from concerts to art shows, to museums, to street fairs. When you first launch the app, it asks you to choose your favorites category of events you wish to hangout on and then gives alert for the local events with in the app. You can also save “My Events” so it’s easier to come back to things you’ve tagged. You can now log in with your Facebook Account.

Key Features:

· Discover popular and recommended events near you.

· Post question about any place you want to travel or discover something more about the event that are going to be held.

· Find upcoming events and things to do nearby today, this week, this weekend, or any time

· See which local events your friends are going to

· Personalize the list of events you want to see

· Save interesting events to check out later

· View event details, including maps and directions

· View an events calendar and add upcoming events to your calendar

· Easily share events with your friends

The app is free to download across all Android based devices, install it without wasting of your time and grab some fun to your life. Find nearby events, know everything before you even get there and enjoy!

Google Play Download Link: Whats Poppin