Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Puzzle Game of the Month - Smart Connector - Connect 4

Puzzle games offer things that makes us play them constantly, more and more. Since we reviewed Smart Connector - Connect 4 not so long ago, we only wanted to spend our free time playing this addictive puzzler. For this, and few other reasons, we decided to make this awesome game our Puzzle Game of the Week!

What is Smart Connector - Connect 4?

If you are looking for a game that will entertain you and challenge you at the same time, look no further because we have one of the best puzzle games ever! The game that we are hyped about is called Smart Connector - Connect 4, created by Net Prospection and launched on the Android platform. Designed with clean user interface and great graphics, this puzzle game will addict you to the fullest.

Why do we love it?

Once you download the Smart Connector - Connect 4 game, you will see that the gameplay is simple and challenging and the controls are easy. All you have to do is connect all the fish that are lost in the sea. You will be connecting three types of fish: a blue fish that can change location without turning, a pink fish that can rotate without changing its location and an orange fish that can both change location and rotate. Connect them and win as many levels as you can. It features 99 levels, but note that there will be new ones added in the feature.

The Smart Connector - Connect 4 puzzle game will train your brain and entertain you anywhere you are, anytime you want. Download it for free from Google Play and enjoy the fun!

Google Play Downloading Link: Smart Connector - Connect 4