Monday, September 11, 2017

Jellify – Have fun Creating Funny Photos and GIFs

They say that laughter is the best medicine, especially in this day and age when things can get pretty tense. Daily you can find many funny photos and GIFs online, so if you are looking for a tool to help you create funny and original photos and share them with friends online there are apps to help you with that. With the right app, you can create living and entertaining photos, unique and hilarious. How to find the best app for this purpose? We discovered highly entertaining and effortless app to help you. Let's see what this app is about.

What is this app exactly?

This is one amazing entertainment app, easy to use, effortless tool for creating funny photos and having fun with face detection or creating hilarious GIFs with using many funny photo effects offered by the app. Using the app, the users are offered to create unique and funny photos, save them and share them with people without investing much effort. The app allows creating movement in the photos, breathing live in them, offering the users to see their original creations come to live fast.  
Why do we love this app?

Jellify is a great tool for people that like to create original and funny photos, using their own imagination and creativity. The app is simple and suitable for everyone that are in need of an app to deliver their creative photo ideas. Using the app, the users can choose to use an existing photo or to take a new one, drag parts from that photo that they want to see in movement, or to just use the automatic face detection feature on the app. Using those parts, the app allows seeing the photo live with only shaking or tilting the android device. The users can use the app for deforming specific pictures only with magnifying selected areas from the photo. The app is offering various movement patterns that the users to use them to create animations as GIFs, save and share them with people.

Download the app on Google Play now for free.

Google Play Download Link: Jellify