Monday, September 18, 2017

Halal Advisor – Find the Best Halal Services Anywhere You Are

We all have to eat but sometimes you’re too tired to cook or you don’t want to buy groceries. That’s when heading to a restaurant is the perfect solution. If you’re like me you have a few places you frequent but when it comes time to mix thing up, it’s not always easy to find your next great meal. This one app that we’re presenting to you today, called Halal Advisor, will step in and help you find something new and fun.

What is Halal Advisor?

This is a newly developed and highly helpful app for finding and discovering the best and brightest Halal services anywhere you are. Brought to both Android and iOS users, the app will help guide you to Halal food places, restaurants, cafes, butcheries, hotels, etc. Plus, it is intuitively and friendly designed!

Standout Features

Halal Advisor has some serious useful options and features. In order to use them, you have to login or create an account. Even if you’re a Halal place owner, the app can help you reach new customers and offer your services to them. After you login, simply browse a Halal place by name or by cuisine type from your own position or for a given city. You will be able to use a map for viewing locations, to add places to your Favorites, to write your own reviews, to read useful information, such as addresses, descriptions, schedules and menus, photos of the place, reviews, ratings, and so much more.

Read reviews, get exact directions and share your Halal experience with other users! Download the app now from the App Store or from Google Play – it’s totally free to use.

App Store Download Link: Halal Advisor

Google Play Download Link: Halal Advisor