Sunday, September 24, 2017

Food & Drink App of the Week – Coozyn

It’s always helpful to have information quick and available at your fingertips whether planning for meals at home to finding great restaurants, great wine, calculating your tip, and calorie counting with foods that fit your taste palate and lifestyle. Thanks to smartphones, we’ve managed to narrow our list from the numerous app programs available down to one that has impressed us the most. The app’s name is Coozyn, and it’s our Food & Drink App of the Week.

What is Coozyn?

Coozyn is a wonderful and useful food app for all iOS users that want to easily order food from chefs and local food restaurants. This global community is an online vehicle for lovers of world cuisine, perfect for connecting people with tasty destinations.

Why do we love it so much?

With the Coozyn app you can simply look for the meals you want from chefs (home, professional and even celebrity chefs) or food businesses (restaurants, food trucks, etc.) around you. It allows you to easily order food and track it in a seamless way, it lets you save your favorites, choose your food to be delivered or not, pay with Apple Pay or Credit Card, add multiple items in your food basket, and so much more.

Browse and order meals from chefs and food locals. Even if you don't know from where to order, just enter what you like to eat and the app will take care of the rest! The creators of this amazing app have also brought us Coozyner and Coozyn Pilot. Coozyner is an app especially developed for food sellers and businesses. With this app users can easily include the meals they’re making, add their food brand and let other people place food orders. The Coozyn Pilot app actually helps in delivering orders around your city, so you can use it for making money on your schedule. Whether using your car, on foot, bicycle or public transportation, you can select any of the options and start earning right away. This way you will collaborate with food sellers (from Coozyner app) and start delivering specifically for them.

If you want to check out the apps’ full set of features, open one of the links below. You can download it for free on your iDevice – it’s soon to be released for Android users as well!

Official Website Link: Coozyn

App Store Download Link: Coozyn

App Store Download Link: Coozyner

App Store Download Link: Coozyn Pilot