Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fantasy Arc – An Adventurous Endless Fun

It is not easy to objectively select the best free games of course: Some of the available adventure games offer just a very short part of their storyline for free, some are full of ads, which, to be honest, we are not big fans of. In addition - what appeals to one player may not appeal to another one.
So - how to select the best mobile adventure games? How many points should we give to every one of the games for their graphics, how many for a plot, how many for a balanced complexity and puzzles? Finally, we went through hundreds of games, read what players are saying about them and tested them on our devices. And here is the best one yet.

What Is Fantasy Arc?

Fantasy Arc is one of the many Android games that helps you enjoy your free time and lets you escape the real world even for a little while. If you love to play games on your mobile device, this exciting game will have you hooked in no time. Playing this adventurous game, your task is to save the main character Kirita from the fantasy world created by the evil skeleton. Easy to play and suitable for any age, Fantasy Arc is offering you to escape from the stresses and responsibilities and enjoy in your own fantasy world.  

Super Addictive Gameplay

Fantasy Arc is an adventure game, giving you many new levels to unlock, as well as many secret levels. At every level, you have to beat bosses with your shooting power helping you to get to the next level. On your way to unlock new levels, you will be able to collect coins and treasure chests which will help you to get your rewards. Collect all the coins in each level to become the master of your own fantasy world – download it now for free and have hours of endless fun!

Google Play Download Link: Fantasy Arc

App Store Download Link: Fantasy Arc