Saturday, September 23, 2017

C4 – Complete the Puzzle on Time

If you’re looking for a head-scratcher, but can’t be bothered to spend any money, you can certainly use your smartphone for this purpose. Nowadays, there are many games available for our phones and one of the most interesting games are for sure, the puzzles. Finding the most challenging and entertaining puzzle out there, can be hard. But, we searched and we found one highly interesting puzzle game for you. Let's see what this game offers you.

 What is this game exactly?

This is one amazing puzzle game that is addictive, unique and challenging, created for all puzzle lovers that love to think harder and solve difficult puzzles. This game is developed on android platform and is certainly challenging the brain of players, giving users various levels to complete and progress in the game. On the game, the user only has limited time to solve the puzzle and with every new level the difficulty on the game increases. With the help of this game, users will start thinking logical and solve the puzzles faster.

Why do we love this game?

When the user starts to play the game, his task is to paint each white, gray, or black rectangle in one of the 4 available colors as red, green, blue and orange, but, two rectangles that share borders must not possess the same color, if they do, the game will be over. When the user paints all the rectangles, the game will check if the neighbours share the same color. The pointed arrow will show the mistakes of the user. On the game, there are 54 levels, increasing in difficulty and complexity, offering users to push their brain to think faster and to complete all levels, becoming ultimate puzzlers. Only limited time is given every user to win the level.

The game will be over if the time runs out or all rectangles are not painted. The user just needs to touch the colored square below the puzzle area for selecting a color and touch the target area for painting. On global scoreboard of this game users can share their score and compare it with the scores of other players.

Download this game on Google Play now for free.

Google Play Download Link: C4