Thursday, September 14, 2017

App Review - Fake SMS Detector

Cell phones are an amazing invention which helps to keep in touch with friends and family and with other close ones and you can easily talk to other persons with just a call, but sometimes it can be quite annoying when someone is constantly texting you and you don’t know the identity of the sender. Most of the time telemarketers, phone scammers, unknown numbers or text-sending machines invade privacy which annoys everyone especially when you’re in your office or spending precious time with your loved ones.

What is Fake SMS Detector?

To stop this text bullying and harassing, one developer thought of creating an app for detecting fake messages. We’ve tried the app and we can say that it actually works! The app’s called Fake SMS Detector, now available for all Android users throughout the world. Let’s see what it offers.

Standout Features

If you’re tired of SMS bullying and threats, Fake SMS Detector has got you covered. Now you can easily discover any fake chat content and easily detect fake SMS on your device. For you to understand the principle of how does the app work, here’s a simple example. Let’s say your friend or anonymous person is showing you a SMS under your name or number in his/her device which you never sent. To prove that it is not sent from your number, install Fake SMS Detector on his/her device and let the app do all the work. The app will show that you haven’t sent the text.

Get instant alerts about any fake SMS you receive and enjoy real-time chat check by downloading Fake SMS Detector from Google Play – it’s totally free of charge!

Google Play Download Link: Fake SMS Detector